@ransom said in Cultural Marxism, Data Gathering and Censorship On Line: But there are bureaucrats and there are bureaucrats. The guy who counts polar bears is probably less well-off than the guy who counts lobbyists… Oh how true that is! A step 1, GS-1 will make somewhere around $22 - 23K depending on location. That’s entry level and he’s the guy “counting polar bears” in the wilds of Alaska. Or a library clerk or forestry technician. In order to “max out” in that series one would have to get a bachelor’s degree and then “work” their way up the ladder to GS-9 to be in the $60K annual salary range. To get up into the $90 - 140K range you have be a GS-14 or GS-15. This requires an advanced degree, typically a doctorate of some sort. It also requires you to be very good at political maneuvering. And when you’re at that level in the bureaucracy, you can rest assured that you will have access to people and information that can make you very wealthy. Especially if you are in the intelligence community and even more so if you are in the Senior Executive Service as well. This is why the so-called “swamp” was and still is in such a panic to get rid of Orange Man Bad. My God! How dare he try to derail the gravy train! Not that he will, mind you. Even if he was sincere, how could he? As I heard from many different “insiders” when I still lived in Virginia, the denizens of “the swamp” are "We-Bees. “We Be here when the current administration comes in, and We Be here when they’re gone.” Anything short of civil war and that’s not likely to change.