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    Introduce yourself and give whatever info you feel is relevant.

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    I’m Cynic In Chief. I’m a bit infamous for starting and for being an occasional guest on Chris Bechtloff and Matt Forney’s livestreams. I’m the third co-founder of and its webmaster. I travel around the country during the summers and meet people, including several of the people here. I’m a professional software developer and still single for now.

  • JumpnJive from ROK and AKC infamy. Married father of three (not that guy). Live in small town Mississippi

  • HD on account of laziness. I live next to a trailer park in Tennessee.

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    I’m Jak, one of the co-founders of AKC. Married for over 8 years and father of 3 girls.

    My red pill journey began approximately 4-5 years ago when I found Bold & Determined which lead me to ROK. From there, the list of red pill sites I frequented continued to grow.

    I want to personally welcome all you guys and thank you for being here.

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    @hd Hail, fellow Tennessean!

  • Midwesterner. Self-employed, fortysomething. Open-minded but opinionated. Taller and better-looking than the average dude but I work with my brain because it’ll last a lot longer. Was married for about five years to a horrific blonde maneater. Now a Latina aficionado. Funnier in person.

  • bem
    What are you guys, fukkin cops? I aint sayin’ nuthin’.

  • Grew up in NE Oregon on a dairy as an agnostic. Sick of modern women, I joined Mormon church at 23, Now married, Civil Engineer, six kids, active in church, living in rural Utah not too far from Salt Lake.

    I was always consertavly minded, wanted the traditional life, but came across the Red Pill blogs about 3 years ago, through a Google search of table manners, which lead to Bret McKay’s site, artofmanliness. From there, I linked to ROK (which my wife hated) about 2 years ago. I like this site as it (unlike ROK) provides a positive emphasis on being men, and (unlike AOM) has a decent forum.

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    @jim-johnson AOM was good in its early stages, but now the site is nigh unnavigable. I can’t move my way around that site anymore.

  • @jak There are some cool ideas for homemade gifts there, though. My Xmas presents for the last two years came from there

  • Allow me to introduce myself. Unceremoniously ejected from ROK (likely for not being racist enough). Routinely called a racist. Married outside of my race. Cannot comprehend the set of circumstances that make all of the above true simultaneously, but am nonetheless the living embodiment thereof.

    OG. Rabble. Charter member of the peanut gallery. Not a eunuch, despite assertions to the contrary. Verifiable porcer. East coast to west coast transplant. I remember ‘red pill’ back before sane and normal needed a label.

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    @murdoc34 What race did you marry into, is she hot, and do you have any kids?

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    @murdoc34 Obvious eunuch is obvious. Heh.

  • @cynic Yes, yes, and yes. ;)

  • Lou here. I’m a devoted husband and business owner. Originally from SoCal, but left the crazy life behind for a more tranquil lifestyle here in the rural countryside of TX. About 2 years ago, I typed into Google: “why are men so feminine these days” - the results lead me to ROK, which in turn brought me here to AKC… Great People, Great Topics!

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    @louskunt Hey Lou, what field of business you working in?

  • @jak Hey Jak. I own a landscape construction company. We cater mostly to the high-end residential market. We design and install the following: custom concrete and masonry, retaining walls, outdoor living, fireplaces, bbq islands, pergolas, irrigation, lighting, drainage, fencing, gates, plants, trees, sod, synthetic turf, putting greens, in-ground trampolines, storm shelters, etc… we do it all - it’s a full-service company.

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    @bem Im with this faggor

  • AutomaticSlim here. Native NYer. The screen name is from the movie “Rolling Thunder” – and is the only nickname I had in High School that I would ever repeat. Been in IT for 30 years, and as an independent Consultant for 21+ years. Single and never even close to being married. I am somewhat well known for complaining about a bunch of stuff in my life, drinking cheap booze, and my “extra curricular” activities. Came by ROK a couple of years ago and then made it over here. Great web site guys. Keep up the good work!

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