Expanding AKC

  • I believed then, and I believe now, that this expansion will ruin us @bem

  • @cynic I’m a big deal! People know me!

  • Unfortunately I’m not well versed in using social media or running an interactive website with actual users. But I have thought about it and came up with one small thing. The best part is it’s something that can be done right here right now.

    I’d guess there are quite a few lurkers on the articles, and perhaps even a majority on the forum side of the website. (There have been several times https://forum.akingscastle.com/users?section=online has shown more guests browsing than registered users.)

    This is a direct appeal to the lurkers. Make a Disqus account, make a forum account. Say hi. Offer your valuable opinion. You’re here reading for a reason, and it’s that very same reason that things can only get better with your participation.

  • Jak, if/when the site goes into its next evolution, be ready for some negatives to come with the positives. We have a great core community here, and it can take the heat. But my guess is that the next round of growth will bring in undesirables and SJWs looking for a fight. It might be good for you, Cynic, and Nyxie to game out some responses in advance.

  • administrators

    @consolationofphilosophy What sort of situations do you have in mind that we need responses for? Cynic already has our site locked down pretty tight to withstand DDOS attacks and the like. Regular trolls are not an issue as we all cut our teeth fighting ROK trolls.

  • @jak The comments getting flooded with sundry cocksuckers would actually be a fun job for the guys to toy with and crush. It’s more along the lines of negative press and doxxing that I was thinking about.

  • administrators

    @consolationofphilosophy Gotcha. Well You know what they say about negative press (any advertising is good advertising). Plus, we don’t have the same image as ROK. They don’t have a “legalize rape” strawman to attach to us like they did Roosh. Doxxing is another issue, but Cynic, Jnyx, and myself are pretty good about withholding personal information. The most people know about me is that I live in/near Nashville and have 3 daughters.

  • administrators

    Honestly the site is tame enough I’ve been recommending it to people. They’d have to make up stuff for the average person to be angered.

    As far as doxxing goes, I’ve already been doxxed to no effect. Jak and JNyx are more vulnerable, but have done a good job of keeping their personal info off the Interwebz. We can handle it if things go that far.

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    @cynic Right?
    “They’re telling men how to improve their marriages?!? BURN THEM AT THE STAKE!”

  • @jak said in Expanding AKC:

    “They’re telling men how to improve their marriages?!? BURN THEM AT THE STAKE!”

    They’ll try-- because it puts power and agency into the hands of men, towards the goal of better shared lives among couples. I assure you, it is far more offensive to feminists and their proxies than anything else. They’ll just call that “rape,” like everything else gets called “rape.”

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