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    I was originally going to place this under the Fitness/Diet section, but decided it was best placed in the Random category.

    I was training in Taekwondo last night where our class consisted of practicing our forms with sparring in between. One guy had been taking BJJ on the side and wanted to work on his ground game so we agreed to add takedowns and grappling into the mix. Each time we went to the ground, I wound up winning the engagement even when he was incredibly close to putting me into a headlock or arm bar.

    At the end of class, our instructor, who also trains in Aikido, JKD, and FPM, addressed why I was able to reverse those situations where I was an inch from losing, by giving us an analogy:

    We’ve all known someone who comes to you with a problem. You patiently listen, maybe ask some questions, then offer your advice.

    “Yeah, but…” they say, “that won’t work because XYZ”

    So you offer them another solution.

    “Yeah, but…”

    On and on it goes until you finally give up exasperated.

    The same thing can be employed in physical encounters. When my sparring partner tried to put be in an arm bar or headlock, I didn’t clash against him directly. Rather, I gave him the equivalent of a “yeah, but…” by moving my body in a way that the lock he was attempting would no longer work. Sometimes I’d only have to do this once. Other times, I’d employ a few “yeah, buts…” before he made a move that I could reverse.

    This is a principle firmly rooted in Aikido; not clashing directly against an opposing force, but redirecting it or making it so that it’s ineffective. The benefit of this principle is it usually allows you to expend minimal energy while receiving great returns on your actions. In my case, I was able to both reverse my situation while also wearing my opponent down.

    Just an interesting experience I had last night that I thought I’d share. Food for thought.

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    This is probably fine for the Fitness/Diet section.

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