Nuggets from "It's a Wonderful Life"

  • Yesterday, I sat down and watched the 1946 Frank Capara movie with the family. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen it, but since being introduced to the red pill, I have noticed some pearls of wisdom dropped in this movie.

    1. Bad times can come in an instant, good times take work and dedication to build… George was going to see the world, and his dad’s untimely death roped him into managing a bank for what he saw as the greater good.
    2. It pays to cultivate and maintain male friendships… George held a friendship with his buddy in the plastics industry and others in town and had a source of security from those relationships.
    3. Your life affects others in ways you don’t even realize… If life sucks at the moment, it pays to look at the good you have done to give yourself peace.
    4. Prior to the feminist movement, women were awesome… This 1946 shows women who are intelligent, want to fulfill their role, and were in better shape.
    5. If you have ties to someone who is suicidal, get help from them…George was thinking of dropping off the bridge, so his guardian angel jumped into the water to save him. People want to be useful and have purpose to their lives.

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