Russia Scandal -- Predictions about its impact on the future of the GOP in 2018

  • @ainigmaris-thales Funny how he questions my patriotism and asks me to explain myself, which I do (admittedly at length, I didn’t want to leave any of my position to his fertile imagination) and now it becomes an “off-topic screed[s]”. Hit a nerve I did. LOL!

  • @boothe You’re not having a political discussion with a reasonable person willing to evaluate alternative concepts or different facts and reconsider their position. You are trying to reason with a quasi-religious zealot who is deeply and emotionally connected to his beliefs, and any threat to those beliefs is a threat to his identity, to his entire worldview… which is really a waste of your time and energy. He simply cannot “change his mind” or even consider the possibility that he is wrong – he can’t see anything other than the construct he has created because it isn’t based on reason or logic, its based on emotion and need.

  • @ainigmaris-thales At this point good sir, I am afraid you are right. But he can’t say I didn’t fully elucidate my position.

  • @boothe lol. Aingmaris is a sociopath, and it comes out loud and clear on the interwebz, so it’s best just to ignore him.

    I asked you about your patriotism in the context of Trump/Russia. What you gave was essentially a dissertation on political philosophy that had almost nothing to do w Trump/Russia. It was too long, and it didn’t answer the question directly. Guaranteed nobody’s reading a 2000 word response, BTW.

    FYI yes I understand how the dual-party thing has metastasized into a single monster party. I actually worked in the heart of the politics/media machine, many years ago, on the East Coast, and left feeling like I didn’t want to venture near the borg again.

    But in the context of Trump/Russia, that’s an incorrect analysis. This is actually a partisan scandal. This scandal shows that ONE of our parties – the GOP – has essentially turned into a Russian money-laundering operation. Not both parties, my friend; just one. Can you understand that? So do me a favor and stop trying to play the false equivalence game. The Dems are corrupt in their own way but they’ve got no dog in this hunt. I sense that you’ve often voted GOP in the past and are perhaps smart enough to be embarrassed. Others will probably come to feel the same way. Time will tell.

    I’ll post here again with more facts as they become available.

  • @jammyjaybird Actually, I’m not a fan of the GOP and vote Constitution Party whenever I can (i.e. when there’s a candidate running). But…I will vote for the pro-gun candidate every time, so in the past I have voted both Demoplican and Republicrat. If there’s anything I’m embarrassed about, it’s voting at all since that shows support for the system and lends them credibility. I know my vote has some insignificant impact at the local level. But at the national level voting and writing to your representatives is essentially meaningless nowadays. If doing these things would really change anything, they would most likely be illegal.

    And you are wrong about it being one sided. You studiously ignore pay for play and the Uranium One deal. That amounts to treason by your standards as well. But since it appears to be “your team” that did that shit, it’s a non-issue for you.

    You keep going on about Trump / Russia like it’s a proven thing complete with convictions, etc. It’s not and it’s not likely to be. Have you actually read Simpson’s testimony or just what HuffPo told you about it? Simpson has not only admitted that while Steele was providing the (Clinton campaign funded) “dossier” to the FBI and encouraging them to investigate Trump (with Simpson’s knowledge), he was trying to cast doubt on the Clinton email investigation. Then all of sudden Chris (Steele) doesn’t know what’s going on inside the FBI (like he should?) and breaks contact with them? The whole thing stinks of partisan politics dude!

    So, if there’s anything provable as crime on either side of it, I think people should go to prison. And I don’t mean the Watergate era “prison” down in Florida with the cottages and tennis courts either! But they won’t. They never do: RHIP. A few minor players may get thrown under the bus like G. Gordon Liddy did. That will be that and when they get out they too can have their own radio talk show, lol. Watch and see.

    BTW, what are your qualifications for psychoanalyzing Thales over the Internet? Generally to analyze someone with any degree of credibility (not that I find much in psychology / psychiatry particularly credible) you have to interview the individual personally and over a fairly lengthy period of time. Does it occur to you that he’s not a sociopath at all? That maybe he’s just trolling the living shit out of you?

    And maybe no one is reading a 2000 word response (it was only 1431 words BTW), but either you did or you have no idea what I stand for and you’re only guessing at my political position, level of patriotism and what that is based on.

  • @boothe

    That maybe he’s just trolling the living shit out of you?

    Who me? NO WAY!

  • New fact:

    Stephen Bannon, Reince Priebus, and Donald McGahn have all retained the SAME attorney in Trump/Russia scandal.

    Bannon already left the White House. Priebus already left the White House. McGahn is rumored to be leaving this month.

    And they all retained the SAME defense attorney. What does that tell you? Given conflict-of-interest laws, either they have ALL flipped to become cooperating witnesses with Mueller, or NONE have flipped. My money is on the former, but time will tell.

  • Do you have a source for that fact?

  • @jammyjaybird Bannon has left Breitbart too BTW. And if the attorney in question is one of the best in the business, that might be the common thread (if there’s any truth to this). Several people I worked with at one particular facility all retained the same attorney for their impending divorces because he got consistent and desirable results. Having multiple clients who happen to be in politics on the same side does not mean conflict of interest.

  • @jammyjaybird Where is the proof “seeking of assistance” in any of this? And furthermore, just what “assistance” could Russia give in a US election?!?!?! Once I see plausible suspicion of tampering with voting results I will start to take this nonsense seriously.

  • @boothe He is correct, though, that the same attorney representing multiple people in the same matter would all generally be presenting the same defense. That doesn’t mean any of them have flipped or not flipped, it just means all three of them believe their defenses are aligned with one another, and none of them will be turning on each other, at least. Assuming this is true and not just something that one of Jammy’s super secret inside “sources” told him, of course.

  • @bem Dude, they totally hacked Facebook. DUH!

  • @ainigmaris-thales thats just like your opinion, man

  • @ainigmaris-thales I have heard that and last I heard, Facebook was an international platform, allegedly supporting free exchange of ideas. Anyone who seeks political guidance there would do something equally stupid with it.

  • @bem But the Russians, bem! They had meetings and shit!

  • @boothe Sigh. AFAIK, an attorney isn’t allowed to retain two clients on the same case if one is a cooperating witness, and the other is not. So either they are ALL cooperating witnesses, or NONE are.

    That law firm is Quinn Emanuel, which is one of the biggest, nastiest, cutthroat law firms in America. Their reputation precedes them. Homies don’t play.

  • @jammyjaybird fuk rawstory. They banned me from the comments section for NO REASON!

  • @ainigmaris-thales I’VE HAD MEETINGS WITH RUSSIANS!!!

  • @jammyjaybird Hey Jammy, relax, man. It’s going to be okay. Have a grapefruit and chill out.

  • @bem said in Russia Scandal -- Predictions about its impact on the future of the GOP in 2018:

    @ainigmaris-thales I’VE HAD MEETINGS WITH RUSSIANS!!!

    And there it is. The truth finally comes out. I’m on the phone with the FBI as I type this, you damn traitor!

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