Russia Scandal -- Predictions about its impact on the future of the GOP in 2018


    As many have said, multiple times, about the MAGA movement.

    “Trump summoned the most treacherous forces in American history and conducted them with the ease of a grand maestro.”


    More about Rudy.

    I honestly thought that all this would’ve happened already, and that Rudy would’ve been indicted by January.
    My predictive timeline is off by at least six months.
    I blame Bill Barr. He blocked this search warrant for damn near eight months, starting last summer.


    When they write the history of this period of the seen-better-days USA, I think they’ll identify many factors at play in the sea change that has occurred in conservative politics.
    In rough chronological order, here are the factors that have transformed conservative politics:

    1. the creation of a massive right-wing media echo chamber, bolstered by the deep pockets of Kochs and oil money (beginning in the 1990s)
    2. the Citizens United decision in 2010, inviting untraceable transnational dirty money into our political process
    3. the invention, rise, and spread of social media, especially Facebook and right-wing forums, which gave everyone a voice, including the lunatics and the bigots who’d been locked out of conservative public discourse for the last half century
    4. the effects of 50 years of unlimited immigration upon the resentment of the white working class
    5. the effects of 50 years of unlimited globalization, job loss, and stagnant wages upon the resentment of the white working class
    6. the rising diabesity rates and metabolic syndrome in the white working class, and their subsequent decreased cognitive abilities (swollen bellies, shrunken brains)
    7. (distant last place) the election of Donald Trump and the MAGA movement, which crystallized #1-6 and brought everything out into the open

    Let’s be clear: Trump wasn’t the prime mover here. He came in late in the process, parasite that he is, sucked up all the oxygen in the room, threw gasoline on everything that had happened prior, and lit a match.
    He’s gone now, having pranced his sociopathic hour upon the stage.
    But the sociopathy of the population is still there. It isn’t going away.
    We need to deal with it.

    I write all this as a non-conservative who is sympathetic to conservative causes.

  • Two weeks ago, I hired a private auto for a day tour of an area in Foreign Country [X], where my girlfriend and I were staying in March and April.
    The driver I hired, a local, was an intense guy who began talking politics.
    The stuff he was saying was straight out of Tucker Carlson, or NewsMax, or QAnon.

    Here are a few highlights:

    1. Bill Gates is controlling the world through the vaccine, which is why he won’t get vaccinated
    2. The virus is bogus, it’s not real
    3. Joe Biden lost the election, Donald Trump never should’ve left the presidency
    4. George Soros is controlling the world
    5. Everyone should eat organic food to fight the virus (which is bogus? someone please explain that to me)

    This is a 45-yr-old man who speaks no English, lives thousands of miles from the US, and has never left his own country. He has no education.
    Where do you think he’s picking up this radical-right conspiracy theory shit?
    Social media.
    The same disinformation that we live with in English-language social media is being translated into other language social media.

    Meanwhile, the guide sitting next to him in the front seat – a young female – was visibly uncomfortable as he spouted off.
    You don’t have to be Amurrikan to be Amurrikan.
    All the guy needed was a MAGA hat.


    “I speak for many people in that Trump has never actually been wrong, and so we’ve learned to trust when he says something, that he’s not just going to spew something out there that’s wrong and not verified.”

    -Debra Ell, a GOP organizer from Frankenmuth, Michigan

    30,573 public lies in four years. All verified.
    Drop the Koolaid, lady. Come back to earth.


    Two members of the USCP are suing the former president of the US for inciting a riot that placed them in harm’s way.



    Facebook had better make it permanent.
    Or else Facebook is opening itself to liability for the Jan 6 insurrection, plus any future mob riots that this fatuous psychopathic prick may instigate.

  • Maybe you’re wondering why this thread never mentions the threat to the US posed by China.

    After all, China is the world’s rising preeminent power, and most security experts point to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) as the major threat to US power.
    Right now China is getting ready to wage war against Taiwan. This is pretty serious, since Australia will instantly oppose them, which will potentially force all of the English-speaking world to make a decision whether to stand with Australia or not, thus potentially triggering a WWI-style series of interlocking alliances.

    My answer is in 4 parts:

    1. The Chinese aren’t as good at espionage/active measures/disinformation as Russia is. The Soviets literally wrote the books on this stuff, going all the way back to the book of lies known as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    2. The Chinese are culturally tone-deaf, and come off as awkward whenever they try to insinuate themselves into foreign populations either IRL or via social media.

    3. The Chinese aren’t particularly involved in infiltrating GOP party politics, not the way the Russians have been. They’re more interested in gaining access to intellectual property, which is why US professors keep getting busted by the DOJ for passing top-secret STEM information over to reps from the CCP. I’m not a professor and have never worked in a university, but I’ve nonetheless been approached by several Chinese on LinkedIn, which is their preferred way to try to begin to gain access to US citizens they think might help their cause. (Hell no I did NOT accept the connection requests.) Maybe you’ve experienced this too – random Chinese people approaching you on social media.

    4. I don’t know much about China, to be blunt. It’s not one of my interests.

    Also, the name of this thread contains the words Russia and GOP. I’d like to stay on topic.
    If anybody wants to start a thread on Chinese efforts to manipulate the US population, be my guest.


    Breaking news tonight: It’s been revealed that Christopher Steele, at the request of the FBI, assembled a second dossier on Donnie Two Scoops while he was still in office.

    From the Telegraph: The second dossier contains raw intelligence that makes further claims of Russian meddling in the US election and also references claims regarding the existence of further sex tapes.

    I’m sure there will be more on this later.

  • So Mitch McConnell just said that 100% of his attention is focused on … stopping the Biden administration.

    In reality, the GOP doesn’t believe in governing or in helping people.
    In fact, they’re no longer even pretending to.


    The psychopath in question: Jacob Wohl.

    The crime: Robocalls suppressing the black vote ahead of the 2020 election.
    AG James wants to fine him $500 per call.


    Gov DeSantis just signed a massive voter restriction bill in private.

    It limits vote-by-mail and drop boxes.
    In other words, this bill makes it HARDER for Floridians to vote.

    DeSantis wouldn’t even allow local news to cover something that affects his constituents.
    The only media allowed into the signing was … (wait for it) … national Fox News.

    Ron DeSantis is currently a front runner for 2024 Republican nomination.
    Imagine that: A Republican state governor with national ambitions who decides to massively restrict voting access.
    What a novel concept.
    It’s almost like … the more people vote, the more Republicans lose.


    A few years ago, you may have read about US embassy staff getting bombarded in Cuba with microwave energy attacks.

    It happened again in DC recently, very near the White House.
    Now evidently the intelligence community has decided to show some of its cards, and make a public warning.

    I’ve heard that Russia began using these weapons against us over 25 years ago, but it’s been kept on the downlow.

  • The fact that Liz Cheney is being rejected by the GOP right now – and not Matt Gaetz – tells you everything you need to know about that party.


    Liz Cheney – whom I’m no fan of, but who has a firm grasp of factual truth – has lost her conference chair.
    The GOP voted to strip her of it as a consequence of her calling out Trump for his false claims about the election.

    This thread is two and half years long. On it, I’ve been noting, over and over and over, that the Republicans have decided that facts no longer matter.
    Everything is lies, everything is perception.

    This is just the latest.

    I do feel sorry for Liz. She’s a hard-nosed realist – like her wicked warmongering father – who has unfortunately found herself in a political party that doesn’t value realism.
    Will the GOP return to a fact-based, reality-based politics? Or will they continue embracing insane Trumpism?
    My bet is on the latter.

    When you have a two-party system, and when one party is an anti-democracy party, you can’t really have a functioning democracy, can you?

    Here’s a good piece arguing that GOP’s relevance is not shrinking, and that the conservative American public – which has been conditioned by decades of right-wing media – is simply accepting the disappearance of fact.

    Will this disregard of reality become the norm? Or will it end after this 74-yr-old malignant narcissist one-term president (who lost his reelection bid by 7 million votes) mercifully passes on, and his cult of personality disbands?
    If the former, then we are becoming, as Tom Nichols says, an unserious nation. That’s code for kangaroo courts, rigged elections, and presidents who assume eternal king-like power.
    If the latter, there is hope.

  • If you can’t get gasoline on the East Coast this week, you can probably blame the Kremlin.
    It looks like the Ransomware attack on our Colonial oil pipeline was at least supported by – and maybe orchestrated by – by the Russian state.

  • The nuttiest thing of all is that an entire party of adults is demanding loyalty to a shamed, impeached, one-term former president with clear and obvious mental illness.
    Then again, it’s not nutty at all.
    This has happened many times thru history.
    It’s why we need to understand personality cults, corruption, and other elements of the authoritarian playbook.
    It’s why we need to learn about Idi Amin, about Saddam Hussein, about Francisco Franco, about Adolf Hitler, about about the Kim dynasty in North Korea.

  • Here’s a good example of a new GOP congresscritter who has cynically decided that reality, and fact, no longer matters.
    Rep. Andrew Clyde (R- GA) announced today that no insurrection occurred on Jan 6.

    Tom Nichols notes:
    He’s not crazy. He’s just telling the cult what it needs to hear so they’ll keep sending him back to the Emerald City instead of making him live among them.

  • I’d still like to know who Donald Trump owes $421 million to.


    A LARP (live-action role play) game designer has studied QAnon.
    He says that, structurally, it’s essentially the same thing that he creates.

    From the piece: When I saw QAnon, I knew exactly what it was and what it was doing. It was the gamification of propaganda. QAnon was a game that played people. Q has specifically followed the model of an alternate reality game (ARG) using many of the same techniques.

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