Russia Scandal -- Predictions about its impact on the future of the GOP in 2018

  • @bem This is fucking bullshit, I tell you. I’ve put in epic levels of trollery on this Russia crap that I could not give two shits about and you get the fucking “well done”!

  • @ainigmaris-thales Dont hate me because I’m beautiful.

  • @jammyjaybird Welllll…he’d have to tell the law firm he was a cooperating witness. And since they’re all just a bunch of lying, thieving, treasonous Republicrat dogs, would it surprise you if one of them was working for the gun-vermin and lying about it to his attorney? C’mon now…stranger things have happened.

  • @ainigmaris-thales I know, I write a “2000 word” response, he calls you a sociopath, gives bem all the credit and he just patronizes me. This is bullshit!

  • @boothe I dont see the issue here.

  • @boothe See my above post about emotions and religious fanatics. And remember, the longer you stare into the abyss, the longer it stares into you. Get out while you still can. Today’s a beautiful day, go troll someone until you get a good laugh out of them, and leave this crazy shit to Jammy’s wet dreams.

  • @ainigmaris-thales Oh yeah, I grok all that. It’s been a slow day and I just like to spread the limited government individual liberty message wherever and whenever I can. Especially when someone who doesn’t really know me tries to catalogue and categorize me. Good luck with that shit! This whole thread has had me LMAO! It’s like arguing over which WWE wrestler cheated and who’s gonna win the belt next time. I suspect there’s only one “true believer” here…

  • @boothe The best thing ever, and I really kind of wish this was true even though I know its not, is if it turned out that Jammy has been trolling us about all this shit from the very beginning. Like if it turns out he actually drives a Vovlo with 3 Trump stickers on the back and has been voting GOP since he was 9 or something,

  • @ainigmaris-thales I couldn’t agree more. That would be a superior act of trolling, but he is possessed by a particular spirit that I have encountered many times before. That being said, I will post a link for him. I doubt he’ll read it, but you never know and maybe something in there will start the exorcism process:

  • This ties a lot of it together, complete with references. Looks like our intelligence folks were real busy doing some shady and unlawful things:

  • @boothe AFAIK, the article you posted has some inaccuracies. The Steele dossier (which is largely accurate, and Steele enjoys an excellent reputation in the IC) was commissioned and paid for initially by the Jeb Bush campaign. Jeb Bush handed it to the Democrats after he dropped out of the race because he understood the danger that Trump posed to the country if he were elected. Also, its contents didn’t cause the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign; its contents merely corroborated what the FBI had already learned independently from several sources, including a mole in the Trump campaign. Steele was paid by the Bush/Clinton campaigns, not by the FBI. All this was publicly revealed in the Simpson’s testimony two days ago.

    I’d like to point out for the bystanders that I like to get my information from middle-of-the-road neutral sources such as The Hill, while Boothe’s information comes from obviously partisan sites like “disobedientmedia” and “conservativetreehouse”.

  • @jammyjaybird a Steele dossier would be too heavy to use practically. I’d go with aluminum.

  • @jammyjaybird What Jammy seems to be ignoring is that Fusion GPs was an FBI contractor at that time. Steele was working for Fusion GPS. Allegedly Fusion GPS had access to raw FISA-702 data without proper oversight. The text message dump shows that elements within the FBI wanted to derail the trump campaign. So what we had going on was the FBI handing off data from their domestic spying operations to their contractor who handed it off to Steele for “information laundering”. Then Steele put it all together and handed it off to John McCain for delivery. Oh yeah Jammy, that all looks really legit. SMH

  • @jammyjaybird As far as unbiased reporting goes, it turns out Chris Steele’s primary contact when leaking the Trump dossier to the media was none other than David Corn of Mother Jones. Now there’s an even handed and non-partisan publication if ever there was one, comrade.

  • @jammyjaybird C’mon. The Rosenbergs were not small potatoes. The Rosenbergs gave the most lethal weapon of all time to the most murderous enemy of humanity of all time. They didn’t just betray the USA, they betrayed the human species. And they did it with wide open eyes. If Dante found Judas in Satan’s mouth in “The Inferno,” the only reason he didn’t see the Rosenbergs was because they were shoved up Satan’s asshole.

  • Three things:

    1. An interesting indictment this week that may have slipped under everybody’s radar:

    This may seem unrelated to Trump/Russia - except that it’s about bribery of Russian nationals. When we have more pieces of the puzzle, in the future, it may prove to be related, particularly through Michael Flynn’s efforts to get Russian sanctions dropped, so that he and his cronies can do a Middle East power plant deal with Putin’s Russian mob. TWT.

    1. Team Mueller has just added a prosecutor who is an expert in cybercrime, so that tells you where one wing of this investigation is headed.

    2. Pay attention to what’s going on with Dmitry Firtash – Ukrainian billionaire, Putin protege, and investor and member of the board of SCL (which is the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, which Trump campaign hired to run the digital portion of their campaign). Firtash was indicted in 2013 by the US but has not yet been extradited. Lately Russian companies like Gazprom have been divesting from him.

  • @jammyjaybird The 11 count indictment came out of the Hillary pay-for-play Uranium One / Rosatom investigation Jammy. Sorry, it’s not Trump related.

  • @jammyjaybird Here’s some more Russian collusion for you. From Lew Rockwell on 1/17/18: "In mid-June 2009, according to a New York Times report (April 23, 2015), the American energy officer of the U.S. embassy in Kazakhstan met with Kazakh officials. “Three days later,” writes the Times, “a wholly owned subsidiary of Rosatom completed a deal for 17 percent of Uranium One.” That same month, Bill Clinton gave his now-famous half-million-dollar speech at Moscow’s “Kremlin-connected” Renaissance Capital. “Within a year,” continues the Times, “the Russian government substantially upped the ante, with a generous offer to shareholders that would give [Russia] a 51 percent controlling stake.”

    But to pull that deal off, Rosatom had to obtain the approval of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), on which sat the committee’s most important member, Hillary Clinton, whose husband was collecting millions in donations from people associated with Uranium One."

    “Overall, the most compelling question is this: Why would the Russians, having such excellent kompromat on Hillary and while enjoying such genial relations with Madam Reset, want a volatile and capricious Trump in the White House instead of her? They’d had a bellyful of all that from their own Boris Yeltsin. Hillary they knew; Trump they didn’t.”

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