Russia Scandal -- Predictions about its impact on the future of the GOP in 2018

  • It will be interesting to see the next iteration of such actions. Assuming it is discovered at all.

  • @ainigmaris-thales It should be obvious to even the casual observer that ALL Republicrats are Russian agents (sarc). It’s obvious to Jammy, anyway. And those of us that fall into the libertarian / classical liberal / anarcho-capitalist camp are just as suspect. Vee are all Rah-shun agents now!

    “That’s 50,000 fake Russian accounts pushing divisive propaganda. Nearly 700,000 U.S. citizens followed, retweeted, or liked these accounts.” If this is even true, all I can say is freedom of speech is a real bitch. But since we now know that the management at Twatter is totally and completely unbiased…there is no way they’d try to cover for the DNC and their operatives in the Deep State®. Yeah. Right.

  • And now this:

    So the FBI is so incompetent it just loses crucial evidence of potential wrongdoing by their own high ranking personnel and we’re supposed to believe anything else they have to say? Right. And Strzok was cheating on his wife with Lisa Page, so we know he has to be trustworthy, right? Their remaining text messages prove they were card carrying Demoplicans who also despised Bernie Sanders. Notice that Strzok also questioned the Hildebeast without putting her under oath. Hmmm.

    But wait, there’s more. Using Jammy left-tard logic on this, Strzok sounds suspiciously like a Rah-shun surname to me. So he ees Rah-shun double agent sent to protect Rosatom / Uranium One deal and works to undermine Magnitsky act een spare time, no? But gets caught uploading Lisa Page’s software onto hees Rah-shun hard drive! Ees too funny, comrade!

  • @jammyjaybird blathering your support for one candidate or another does not constitute tampering with an election. Twitter, Fartbook, et al. are private, global entities who can say whatever they want. NO ONE is changing their vote based on them any more than on a BS commercial or poster.

  • @bem Correct that it wasn’t election tampering (AFAWK). But Russia did commit influence tampering, using social media tools that barely existed four years earlier, from the comfort of their own chairs at IRA and RU. We’ll never be able to quantify how many, but these actions certainly changed the votes of more than a few U.S. citizens.

    I just put it up as one example of the multi-pronged cyberoffensive that Russia is waging upon our country right now, as we speak.

  • @jammyjaybird Do you have any evidence as to which candidate these Russian Twitter bots promoted? Because, as I seem to recall, Facebook itself announced that most of the Russian ads that were placed on it were actually in support of Hillary. Although I might be wrong.

  • @ainigmaris-thales The Russians clearly supported the Hildebeast. Shit, she let them buy 20% of U.S. uranium production and the FBI was in on it! Coincidentally about the same time Slick Willie gave a speech in Moscow for the paltry sum of $500K. No influence peddling there… The Ruskies knew Hillary and that she not only could be bought, they’d already done so. Trump? He was an unknown and possibly really was intent on draining the swamp, which wouldn’t help them one bit. Just wait 'til all of the shit that the DNC / team Hillary did comes to light. Misuse of FISA, letting “contractors” have unsupervised access to FBI resources, influence peddling, snaking Bernie Sanders, etc., just for starters. Yeah. Some people are undoubtedly going to jail and it won’t be the people Jammy wants.

  • @boothe I dont think they like her because she was so hot to go to war with them.

  • @jammyjaybird why would Russia want to make trouble for us?

  • @bem I don’t believe Russia wants to make trouble with us (and by that I mean the Russian elite) at all. But they do want more control over the world’s economy. Hence the effort to bump the petro dollar, military presence in Syria, ties to Iran, etc. It’s all about power for the sake of power. Hillary can be and has been bought. She’s a known value. Trump’s a loose cannon (or so it appears to the left-tards) and couldn’t be counted on to sell out. Hell he’s already very rich. Swinging the election to Madame Reset’s favor would have benefited Russia because the Hildebeast and the former rapist in chief are both globalists. Trump appears to be a nationalist, like Putin. They will have to make deals with Trump. Hillary was for sale. 'Tis much easier to deal with someone you already know is a prostitute.

  • @boothe I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, but now you’ve gone off the deep end, way out into looney-tunes land. Your statement that “Trump couldn’t be counted on to sell out [to Putin]” shows that you’re buried deep inside Mt Stupid on the left side of the Dunning Kruger graph.

    Fact: Currently, there are 270 people associated with the Trump/Russia scandal, all of whom have between one to five different ties to Donald Trump. Politico even made a nice colorcoded interactive chart of all 270. Take a few minutes to look through it.

    Educate yourself.

  • @bem Russia’s goal is to weaken all NATO countries, and the West in general. They’ve meddled in Brexit, they’ve meddled in Catalunya, they meddle wherever they find racial or ethnic fault lines. They exploit those weaknesses, like good counterespionage agents do.

    “There should be no fuzz on this whatsoever, the Russians interfered in our election.” - Former FBI director James Comey, June 8, 2017.

    The reasons for Russian interference in the US? There are many, but here are two:

    1. Putin opposed Clinton as president because Obama had done an “Asia pivot” that would see an increasing U.S. presence there; Clinton was going to continue this pivot. Both China and Russia are deadset against an increased U.S. presence on their continent. That’s why there’s all sorts of skirmishes in the North China Sea.

    2. The Magnitsky Act, passed nearly unanimously by Congress in Dec 2012 and signed into law under Obama, placed sanctions upon Russian officials involved in human rights abuses by prohibiting them from using the U.S. banking system. This was a big blow to the Russian oligarchy/mafia’s money laundering system. Clinton signalled that, as president, she was going to continue those sanctions. By backing Trump, Putin counted on the Deranged Orangesicle to drop these sanctions, which the Deranged Orangesicle tried but couldn’t do, since we’re a nation of laws, not of men.

    If you want to understand the background better, read the book “Red Notice” by Bill Browder. Browder had been the biggest outside investor in Russia in the late 2000s, and Sergei Magnitsky had been his lawyer in Russia before he was arrested for no reason and tortured to death, for no reason. It’s an electrifying story when you see just how corrupt and vicious the Russian system has become under Putin.

  • @ainigmaris-thales It seems that Russian counterops were disseminating pro-Bernie, pro-Trump, and pro-Stein propaganda, as well as anti-Hillary propaganda. All of it was intended to either bolster the GOP turnout or split the Dem vote. The left played a smaller role but is not exempt from this scandal. Bernie Sanders is going down, and Jill Stein even stupidly took photos of herself in Red Square in Moscow in 2014.

    Russians have interfered on both sides of the game, right and left. To them, it makes no difference. MSNBC is just as compromised as Fox News. For fuck’s sake, the FBI just raided Newsweek magazine – who knows what they had reason to search for there.

    Russia’s goal is the destabilization of the U.S.

  • @jammyjaybird

    Russians have interfered on both sides of the game, right and left.
    Russia’s goal is the destabilization of the U.S.

    Finally, some actual objective perspective on the situation.

    It seems that Russian counterops were disseminating pro-Bernie, pro-Trump, and pro-Stein propaganda, as well as anti-Hillary propaganda.

    The Russians intrusions in American media and politics included pro-Hillary and anti-Trump activities as well as anti-Hillary and pro-Trump activities, because, as you said, their goal was destabilization.

  • @ainigmaris-thales No, the Russians have infiltrated only our media on the extreme right and extreme left. In our politics, the Russian influence is far, far, far greater on the right. At this point, as is slowly being revealed by the Mueller investigation, the Republican party has largely become a Russian money-laundering operation. Dems have their own problems with corruption for sure, but conspiracy with Russians is not one of them.

    Putin’s overriding goal was to keep Hillary Clinton out of office – or anybody who believed in Russian sanctions – and he pulled a thousand strings from 2012 to 2015 to persuade the Oompaloompa to run for president. He used the Miss Universe pageant, Ukrainian bankers, Russian lawyers, you name it to reach the Oompaloompa. He even extended an endless line of Russian credit to the Oompalompa, who no longer qualified for loans from U.S. banks because his company was viewed as a poor investment. I’ve read estimates from $2 to $3 billion loaned to Trump via Russian oligarchs.

    Putin knew it was a long shot, since the Oompaloompa was unstable, simple-minded, and a political outsider, but he probably thought it was worth a try. Once the Oompaloompa got a taste of public applause at his first few rallies, and it looked like he was picking up some momentum, Putin orchestrated the Oompaloompa to accept Russian intelligence on his likely Democratic opponent, intelligence which Julian Assange had provided via Wikileaks.

    The problem for the Oompaloompa was that accepting this Russian intelligence is a federal crime. This is what Mueller’s team is specifically investigating.

  • @jammyjaybird well I can forgive them for number 1 at least.

  • @jammyjaybird +1 for Ad hominem Jammy. We’ll see who’s going to jail over this and it won’t be who you think. And it is you who are squarely on the left side of Mt. Stupid, because you believe the Demoplicans are clean. They aren’t. They’re just your team, so they can do no wrong. Confirmation bias seems to be a lot like dementia for you collectivists. You have studiously ignored the whole Strzok / Page thing. Now Comey’s claiming that Daniel Richman, who was his “friend” when Comey testified in front of congress about him leaking “stolen documents” is suddenly Comey’s attorney! So now Comey can claim attorney - client privilege and Richman can’t testify against him. Not to mention the FBI conveniently “losing” all those Strzok / Page text messages. It keeps getting better and better. We will seem some of your favored Demoplican crooks do jail time over this, and I’m telling you, Trump will walk away unscathed.

  • @jammyjaybird “to accept Russian intelligence on his likely Democratic opponent, intelligence which Julian Assange had provided via Wikileaks.” Bull shit. A DNC insider provided the information to Wikileaks (because it wasn’t “hacked”, we know that much) and Assange has done everything but put up a billboard with Seth Rich’s name on it. Seth Rich was a young idealist who didn’t like the way the Hildebeast crowd was gaming the nomination process. He was conveniently shot in a robbery, but the robber didn’t take anything. Does Ron Brown or Vince Foster ring a bell with you? When people air out the Clinton’s dirty laundry (or are about to) they get dead real quick like. But you don’t want to believe it. I’ll let you in on a little hint, Trump has the Deep State on his side (by that I mean the Military / Industrial complex). This is why the Shadow Government (the CIA / NSA / FBI et al, the intelligence community) is scared shitless and trying to destroy evidence. And once again, you keep ignoring Rosatom / Uranium One, a lucrative achievement of Madam Reset and the Obamunist administration. Selling a fifth of our uranium production to a Russian government owned corporation is treason Jammy.

  • Another one rolls over. It looks like Deputy Trump campaign chairman Rick Gates, already charged by Mueller with money laundering and FARA violations, is scared shitless of superseding charges, most likely conspiracy. He’s flipping.

    Here’s the story behind the story – Mueller’s team most likely got him to flip via his wife. One of the prosecutors on Mueller’s team, Andrew Weissman, discovered that Gates’ wife illegally transferred $1 million from a Cyprus account to a joint brokerage.

    Weissman already used this particular technique years ago when prosecuting the Enron case. Enron CFO Andrew Fastow’s wife Lea Fastow was assistant treasurer at Enron and was in the scandal up to her neck. Weissman called her in and explained that their children would become orphans – because both she and her husband were going to prison at the same time – unless her husband flipped and cooperated with prosecution. Shortly afterwards, Andrew Fastow flipped, and he and his wife served concurrent sentences.

    The list of cooperating witnesses in Trump/Russia gets longer every day.

  • @jammyjaybird “signalling potential cooperation” is pure speculation! This is not factual reporting!!! Fuk i care what the media says something “looks like”?

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