Russia Scandal -- Predictions about its impact on the future of the GOP in 2018

  • @murdoc34 From Breitbart: “There is no way that Trump’s lawyers are going to allow him to risk his presidency. They know that Mueller is under extreme pressure from Democrats, NeverTrump Republicans, and the mainstream media to use the Russia investigation to oust Trump from office.”

  • @ainigmaris-thales Thanks! Almost blew coffee out nose! LMAO! How about this one for Jammy to chew on for a while, from one of my favorite “liberals”: He’ll probably fall back on his ADHD and respond tl;dr if at all (like I really GAF).

  • @boothe You already lost me after two words: “From Breitbart”. You consistently link to shady propaganda sites. It’s no wonder your entire reading of this situation is off. Try reading some middle-of-the-road stuff for a more accurate measure of the legal machinations. You know, try reading the analysis of people who actually work in the legal system, or from national security experts who study Russia. Then you’ll be closer to understanding what’s really happening.

    Ask yourself this question: Do you think that, one year ago, seventeen of America’s top prosecutors left their jobs (some very cushy) to work for Mueller because they thought maybe there was something going on with Trump/Russia and the GOP? Hell no. There was no maybe. These prosecutors can smell a forest fire five hundred miles away and they climbed in the trucks to be first responders.

    Also, attacking the FBI is a

  • …ludicrous talking point. But it’s well coordinated GOP talking point these days; there was a guy on some news channel yesterday who compared the FBI to the KGB before the host reminded him that he was, in fact, on national television. Anyways, the Russians thank him, and you, for carrying their water. Be sure not spend those rubles all at once, comrade.

  • New facts:

    1. Trump tried to fire Mueller in June but was held back by White House counsel McGahn, who threatened to resign. Reminder: If you want to fire the person investigating you, then you’re guilty af.
    2. Trump doesn’t have to talk with Mueller, but then he’ll be subpoenaed.
    3. Russians got nearly 90,000 Americans to RSVP for phony political events publicized on Facebook during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.
    4. Fox News is still under a counterintelligence operation.
    5. Dutch intelligence has been providing the FBI with crucial information about Russian interference in the 2016 election. Dutch intelligence also saved our hides when the Russians tried to hack into the State Dept back in 2014. Let’s all go Dutch! lol

  • @jammyjaybird The FBI has been dirty since it’s inception. J. Edgar Hoover ran DC for many, many years. He had dirt on everyone. Show me the Constitutional authority for the Bureau to even exist. Spoiler alert: you can’t. The framers never envisioned such a thing because they knew what it would turn into and be used for. The fact that the Bureau is once again trying to hide and destroy evidence tells me everything I need to know about this situation. The only reason you are defending them is because the highest levels of the Bureau are shot through with leftists that share your collectivist outlook on things.

    Had it been the other way around and a bunch of “far right” FBI agents were investigating Hillary or the Obammunist (who’s grinning picture with hate monger Farrakon has finally been outed: you’d be crying foul. Like I said before, Hillary sold 20% of our domestic uranium production to Russia with Obama’s blessing and Bill took a half million dollar speaking fee in Moscow about the same time. You can’t deny it, it’s a matter of public record. But you have yet to respond to any of that. Take the blinders off. The Demoplicans are projecting their own corruption onto the current administration. After all, if the Dems are doing it, everyone else must be doing it too, right?

  • @jammyjaybird They are ALL shady propaganda sites Jammy. Especially the ones that claim to be “middle of the road” or “fair and balanced” (don’t make me laugh). I only quoted Breitbart because that statement is correct. Trumps lawyers won’t let him do it. And even if he is subpoenaed he doesn’t have to say a word. Last time I checked, we still have the right to remain silent, even El Cheeto. Just sayin…

    That’s like telling us the FBI or NSA aren’t partisan. I know they are, because they are made up of people. And people have biases and differing perceptions that they won’t and even don’t want to overcome. It’s easier to just go with the dogma you’ve been taught than to really look at the evidence, behaviors of people, root causes and draw your own conclusions.

    Your programming to be a good little leftist shill shows. I’m sorry, but it’s true. You really can’t see that too much government is a bad thing. You just want to use government overreach for the purposes you think are right. Just like the military / industrial complex wants to do. Myself and apparently a only small minority want to put the government back in the Constitutional box and keep them there. We are on the narrow path. You are on the broad path. Just remember this, the government that can give you everything you want can take everything you have.

  • @boothe Time to get a refill on that squid ink.

  • @jammyjaybird Squid ink? I think you’re losing it (but you have espoused a collectivist mindset, so it may be too late). I take that to mean that you believe I am a small gun-vermin Rethuglican hiding behind the mantel of a Classical Liberal. An “ink cloud” so to speak. Naw. Anarcho-capitalist would come closer to an accurate description.

    But since some of the current crop of Rethuglicans comes closer to preserving and restoring my rights than most of the Democ-Rats, I would rather have them pulling the levers of power than the Clinton Crime Cartel.

    Ideally we would return to the fundamental Constitutional Republic the framers envisioned and not allow the federal gun-vermin to do anything the States can do. That’s a pipe dream. So I support pro-gun candidates first, regardless of party. Your precious Democ-Rats have been notoriously short on candidates in that camp. Why?

    It’s pretty obvious: The vast majority of the Demo-Rats appear to be Socialists at best. The Billary unit is clearly an old school USSR loving pair of Saul Alinsky / Weather Underground Marxists. The first thing Marxists do is disarm the populace, then liquidate their opposition.

    The old 1960s radicals love Mother Russia. Guess what the Billary unit is?
    Bill was a Rhodes Scholar which puts him squarely in the globalist camp. They are the real traitors, since they were instrumental in sending US uranium to Russia with love, then pocketing the proceeds. But your silence on this real collusion and treason tells me that you are living under a strong delusion. Even Strzok knew from the beginning that there was nothing for Mueller to find.

  • @boothe “Mother Russia”? I think you spelled “Lenin’s Cok” wrong

  • @bem I stand corrected… Haha!

  • New facts (Mon, Jan 29):

    1. All three major Dutch banks DDoS’d over the weekend. I’m sure that has nothing to do with how, last week, the Dutch publicly revealed the Russian hack of the U.S. State Dept and the DNC database. Nothing at all, right?
    2. Today is the day that the Oompaloompa will either comply with U.S. law on Russian sanctions (after missing the first deadline), OR he will demonstrate publicly that he’s Putin’s bitch.
    3. Anybody who’s still doing business in Russia is an idiot. Lots of good facts here:

  • @jammyjaybird As the evidential noose of a soft coup conspiracy tightens around the Democ-Rats’ necks and their Marxist operatives in the bowels of the Shadow Government, you keep doubling down on Shadow Government controlled “news” sources. Look up Operation Mockingbird ( and see if you can’t get that political Red Pill just a bit closer to your mouth. The fact is, Operation Mockingbird was real and like, MK Ultra, may have been officially “terminated”, but only after it’s job was complete. And as with many other things officially terminated by the Deep State, that just means the name was changed (and as much evidence as possible was destroyed) to protect the guilty.

    So, most of the sources you cite are controlled by your side: the CIA / FBI, which are shot through with leftists and globalists. These people are the spiritual kindred to the SVR / FSB in Russia. What you see happening is the Military / NSA (i.e. the Deep State) doing battle with the FBI / CIA (i.e. the Shadow Government) behind the scenes. If you think any of this has to do with upholding the law and seeking justice, perish the thought. This is all about who controls this immense political machine. I’m betting on the Military / Industrial Complex (i.e. Team Cheeto), not the Intelligence Community (i.e. Team Hildebeast) this time.

    So far my return on a particular U.S. defense ETF has been outstanding over the course of the last year. The empire may be collapsing, but it took Rome…oh…a meager 300 years to fall, give or take. There’s still plenty of money to be made on imperial folly along the road to collapse of this latest iteration of empire I assure you. And FYI, I wouldn’t dream of investing in Russia. The oligarchs there are every bit as dirty as ours over here. But I pretty much know how our crooks work, so I know how to invest around them. Russia? I haven’t a clue and have no interest putting my money there. But obviously Billary did know and made a shit-load of dirty money off the deal, your denial of the facts notwithstanding. El Cheeto had plenty of money to start with; you keep missing that tidbit. The Billary unit has had to bow and scrape for every last thin corrupt dime they have managed to accumulate through hook and crook.

    You seem like a pretty decent guy in many respects, your leftism aside. That is why I continue to encourage you to put your (most likely, college) leftist / collectivist indoctrination and dogma aside and WTFU! And yes, I am jaded and somewhat cynical. I have every reason to be and so do you.

  • More new facts (Mon, Jan 29):

    1. Carter Page, foreign policy advisor to Trump campaign, was offered a 19% stake in Russia’s top state oil company in exchange for dropping U.S. sanctions against Russia. Let’s be clear: This is treasonous.
    2. Oomploompa argues that the new Russian sanctions law that the Senate passed 98-2 last year – a massive bipartisan agreement – doesn’t need to be implemented. In other words, the executive branch doesn’t actually need to execute laws that Congress passes. Let’s be clear: He’s officially Putin’s bitch.
    3. The new FBI Deputy Director, David Bowdich, is a former sniper, SWAT team leader, and counterterrorism expert. He was promoted to his previous position by Robert Mueller. Yes, this is 4-D chess we are witnessing in real time. Bowdich was placed there to insure that the FBI had an obvious patriot to fill the top spot should the Oompaloompa grow displeased with new Director Wray and fire him without cause the way he did James Comey. (FYI, the president can only directly fire the director of the FBI; it’s harder for him to fire the rank and file, though still possible.)
    4. In 1973-4, an anonymous source codenamed Deep Throat helped two reporters bring down the president of the United States for his crimes. The anonymous source’s name was later revealed to be Mark Felt. His job? FBI Deputy Director. What. A. Coincidence.

  • @jammyjaybird Deep Throat was an over-rated movie.

  • @jammyjaybird

    Carter Page, foreign policy advisor to Trump campaign, was offered a 19% stake in Russia’s top state oil company in exchange for dropping U.S. sanctions against Russia. Let’s be clear: This is treasonous.

    First, you should be accurate in the claims you are making. The article states that Page and his associates were offered the brokerage of a 19% stake in the company, which – although it would probably result in a ludicrous amount of money via commission – is significantly different from being offered 19% of the company itself.

    Second, this article is a year old. These are not new claims. They come from the same dossier that has been routinely criticized as unreliable by a number of sources.

    The claims may, in fact, be true, but acting like they are new and from an untainted source is disingenuous.

    Disingenuous… just like a lot of your huffing and puffing on this issue. You actually obscure what might be real issues by all your bluster and bother because you are so caught up in your emotional hysteria about it.

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