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    This is the shitposting forum here and I will be the person patrolling the most around here. Prepare to get REKT!

  • @jnyx Nice ‘administrators’ tag. Does it imply you have some sort of sixth sense that enables you to detect eunuchs?

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    As a matter of fact, yes!!

    USER Murdoc34 detected as eunuch

  • This was a terrible, terrible mistake.

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    @ainigmaris-thales Welcome to 5chan!

  • fuk you you fukking fuk holes

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    @bem Well Bem has sex on the mind. What makes that disturbing is it revolves around us…

  • @jak you romantic schemer, you.

  • What’s your thought on sex before marriage vs sex once married? Seems like there’s a mix of religious, traditional/conservative, and more open guys on the forum, just curious what are the thoughts here.

  • @paul I highly recommend sex before marriage but I can in no way reconcile it with my Christian faith.

  • @paul Sex is not something to involve yourself in lightly. It merges the physical and spiritual energies of the participants like no other act. That’s why carousel riders have no soul. It’s been drained by so many different partners that they are spiritually dead

  • @paul Not married? Get out there and fuck.

    Ignorance is not strength. But knowledge is power. There are no advantages to being bad at sex, none. But there are many advantages to being good at it, and practice makes perfect.

    @JumpnJive is right-- it is not to be taken lightly. It is spiritually draining when wrong and spiritually empowering when done right. So, be careful and smart. Be reverent in the generative act of life on this Earth. Don’t take advantage of girls at their lowest. But do maximize opportunity to be with girls at their most approachable. Do it. Then do it again real quick before you go soft.

    Seduce and fuck, now. If you must contemplate the existential ramifications of fucking, at least do it from a perspective of knowledge rather than the lack thereof. That’s where I stand.

  • @jumpnjive "That’s why carousel riders have no soul. It’s been drained by so many different partners that they are spiritually dead"
    That’s true for women but not for men. Most of us are designed to handle promiscuity pretty well; most of them, unfortunately, are not.
    Compare a man who’s slept with 50 women to a woman who’s slept with 50 men. Often, the man will be successful, happy, and admired by both genders. Often, the woman will be suffering mental health issues.
    This isn’t 100% true – there are some miserable PUAs and some happy sluts – but it’s almost true enough to generalize.

  • @jumpnjive are you referring men or women? In what way be careful?

  • @paul Both men and women. It’s a very spiritual experience and if you make it a habit to pump and dump you are literally draining your soul. The Bible speaks about fornication as the only sin that is against your own body/mind. There have been studies that show that when people have sex, their brain patterns begin to mimic over time.

    Plus, in my humble opinion, hammering every nice piece of tail that’s available shows a lack of discipline. It’s better to wait on the right one. Not what Hollywood or Harlequin defines as the right one, but one you know will be loyal and a good mother of your children. Use that drive for sex to accomplish other things, all the while watching for the right one.

    Despite what you may hear there are good girls out there. You may have to change your social circle or locale, but they are there.

  • What’s a good hike in the States not too far from the airport, imagine a weekend hike. I was thinking of flying by Montana,or Tennessee, just trying to explore on the weekends once summer hits.

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