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    Reading Roosh’s latest call for articles, it seems that he is both trying to turn ROK around and has blamed everyone but himself for the loss of readers. It’s sad to see what was a beacon for the manosphere and general meetinghouse for men be reduced to the shell that it is today.

    What kinds of advice would you have for ROK and Roosh himself? What lessons can we learn from ROKs successes and failures? Also any other kinds of discussion about ROK is acceptable for this topic.

  • Roosh did one thing well, stir up a hornets nest. Problem is, that tactic does not last. The shock of the truth is gone. Continuing to say “feminists are ruining themselves” has worn stale. Nearly every angle of the liberal march has been explored.

    The big question is “now what?”. I think we are on the right track here. Yes, he focused on physical self improvement, but there is so much more. There are the spiritual, and intellectual sides as well that are largely ignored. On to of that, as men who understand the truth, we are in the position where we can really help society.

    Watching Roosh lately, I see some regret in his demeanor, not unlike the aging bar hag. At 40, he is still without the family he wants, and has become jaded by years of chasing that very thing he despises. I watched a podcast of him talking about this girl he broke up with about a year ago. “You cannot turn a ho into a housewife” he says. They had sex very early in their relationship, and pursued her until she turned out like she is. Really? that is Red Pill 065. Even in middle school, I knew to stay away from the skanks. This guy should be well aware of the red flags, and yet he was suckered.

    Sorry, Roosh burned up any credibility he had.

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    @jim-johnson This actually reminds me of an interesting conversation we were having in our Telegram channel the other day comparing how women “hit the wall” and men “go through a mid-life crisis.”

    It seems Roosh is hitting the mid-life crisis phase as he realizes he has no meaningful legacy, just a website and some books on banging women.

    Every time I see a site focused solely on self-improvement, I can’t help but ask “And then what?” Most don’t seem to have an answer beyond party it up and bang lots of slots. Sorry, but if that’s all they have to offer, then they’re just like the YOLO Progressives while trying to claim they’re nothing like them.

    THAT’S the power of the AKC message. We’re telling men that there’s something beyond self-improvement for the sake of self-improvement. We know there’s a next step, and then a next step, and then another. The way may not be fully visible, but we know the path goes far beyond merely making money, getting ripped, and game, and the further you go down the trail, the more fulfilling your life will be.

    I don’t have any animosity towards Roosh, but I certainly don’t view him in the same light that I once did. He’s stagnated, relying on the same tired articles to fuel clicks, rather than really inspiring deep thought and introspection. Can Roosh bring himself back into the limelight? Perhaps, but it’s going to be a long and tough road.

  • I honestly don’t know what to think about Roosh. I don’t know him personally, obviously, and have never really interacted with him except through a few comment exchanges on RoK. I’ve never watched any of his podcasts or read any of his books. I do know he made a career out of traveling to different places and banging chicks, which I respect. I think he has made a significant contribution to the manosphere, the men’s movement, whatever you want to call it, which cannot be discounted. I’m not sure he ever intended to boost the men’s movement, or if it was merely incidental to his own self-promotion, but that’s largely irrelevant as the effect has been the same.

    I don’t know that he has added a whole lot of actual substance to the manosphere and the Red Pill, but he has added to its quantity and helped a whole lot of guys find the Red Pill that might never have found it before. I think you have to give him credit for that.

    I think he has made a number of glaring mistakes, but has found ways to capitalize on some of them in the past, so its possible he could do so again in the future.

    If I had to guess, I would say I think he took his hand off of the till for a while. I think he either got involved with other things, distracted by a woman (or women), or maybe he got spooked after all the negative public attention he got (which you can’t really blame him for, especially as they started targeting his family).

    The way he purged so many of his long-time and respected commenters from RoK was clearly a mistake, and seemed largely driven by ego. He seems to have always regarded his audience as a fungible commodity… as if he believed it didn’t matter if he pissed people off because there were always going to be more eyeballs to come along and give him clicks, book sales, etc. But at some point, you can and will alienate your core audience.

    I think he figured he would always have the hardcore WS guys, but he forgot that those hardcore WS guys will eat their own faster than anything else, especially if you give them a reason to believe you’re not as white as you should be.

    His real core audience was people like us who went to RoK for self-improvement stuff, but also for news and different perspectives of what was going on in the world (politics, culture, etc.) than what we got from the mainstream sources.

    The bottom line for me is that RoK stopped delivering that stuff on a consistent basis. There wasn’t content there that I wanted to read anymore. That is why I almost never go there anymore.

  • @jak I really think the next step is to use our talent to improve society. Satisfaction in life comes from building and creating something worthwhile. Family, a positive effect in your community, or whatever. WB Fitness is a great example. He is taking the talents he has been given and is directing it into a positive light. He is encouraging men everywhere to become more fit and to look at themselves retrospectively. Funny thing is, like the parable of the talents, a person who focuses on using their talents for the benefit of others, and not hide it under their pillow, will improve on them.

  • @cynic
    Alright, I read his call to Make ROK Great again.

    I have to agree that it is sad, because he is not taking any responsibility. It was Roosh that banned our guys, while leaving the MGTOWs, Nazi larpers, keyboard PUAs, alpha-purity faggots, and manginas free to roam all over his site. He even seems proud of it, saying “I had to ban people from the comments,” or something like that. Our investment made that forum vital, authentic, and valuable. I am deeply grateful to Roosh for that. But he opted out, bit the hands that held him high, and got lost somewhere. The articles that were so fantastic were mostly from a few years back-- but some were genuinely killer.

    If he wants to make ROK better, he can start by banning Matt Forney.

    Step 2 would be reaching out to Jak and Nyxie and offering them some of that phat Litecoin payout to write a guest spot that actually provides value.

  • @consolationofphilosophy I actually spotted Forney in public last year (won’t say when or where, but it was totally random, on the street), and all I can say is that dude has problems. You ever meet someone who gives off really bad vibes? Yep, that’s him. I’m pretty intuitive, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. If you asked me to guess, I’d say he’s got massive mommy issues, but that’s just a guess.

  • @jammyjaybird
    Not a shocker. If I had never seen his face, his writing seethes with spiritual infection.

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    @consolationofphilosophy I wouldn’t be wholly opposed to a collaboration between ROK and AKC, but as it stands now, Roosh would have to do some serious cleanup before I’d be completely for it. Last thing we want or need over here are a bunch of Stormfags and whiny Black-Pilled MGTOW’s.

    The benefit for us would be a large increase in readership.
    The benefit to him would be a chance to recreate ROK into something better.

  • Hmmmmm, So as a Man going my own way I’m nor welcome here.
    Well I’ll give it a go anyway. The problem with RoK, is it was originally a site for Pick up Artists, and you can’t keep doing that forever as Roosh has found out. As you get older talking women into bed for pump and dump becomes pointless and worthless (and a bit dull). A man needs a family, wife, and children. Without them life is pointless. And the problem, in the western world there is no way a man can have a wife and family, because all marriage tends to end with her grabbing the mans assets, and children, and throwing him away. Which leaves two options for men, full MGTOW, or running to a country where the laws are less gynocentric. I guess a third option would be to convert to Islam in your own country, but that doesn’t seem a serious option for white men.

    Self improvement, as some other posters have said ‘and then what’, it doesn’t matter how improved you become, that won’t stop your wife asset stripping you, she still won’t let you see your kids after the divorce. You’ll end up the perfect man, living and dying alone.

  • @johndodds actually it is possible to have a successful family in the western world. Will it be difficult… yes it will. but it is possible

  • @johndodds Well you certainly sound like a Black Pilled MGTOW and having been through a fairly nasty divorce, I can understand your position. However, that didn’t stop me from praying for someone I could be happy with, finding her and finally marrying her, 28 years ago. Yes, she’s an American and she’s been through it too, leaving her ex with the bulk of his assets intact. I checked her and her family out thoroughly before making a lifelong commitment I assure you. That’s not to say that there haven’t been rocky times in our 30 years together, with both of us at fault one time or another. But we’ve worked through it and we have reaped a deep, abiding love and respect for each other you will not experience until you have been faithfully together this long. I realize that in today’s sexual marketplace finding a suitable mate is difficult but it’s not impossible. I have a good friend who is in his early 50s and actively seeking female companionship with little success (his standards may be a bit unrealistic at our age). But I am confident that if he is persistent, he’ll find the right one right here. Don’t lose your faith. You only need one and she may not be what you think you want.

  • @boothe I think what will help is if guys have high standards for themselves and their spouses and then hold to those standards. For example, if a woman has a bad relationship with her father then she needs to be nexted.

  • @iattacku Not necessarily. My wife had an awful relationship with her father. He abused her and her siblings terribly. What that did was convince her that our children would never have to go through that. It’s really a case by case scenario. Probably the most import thing is to stay in the relationship a minimum of two years before you decide to get married. I’ve seen too many people jump in head first within the first three to six months. You’re still running on bio-chemistry at that point (infatuation) and you can’t make a clear objective judgment about who she really is or whether or not it will last. Even a year usually isn’t long enough for “the little things” to become apparent to you. Most women can easily maintain a façade for six months or a year. But by the two year mark she will have shown you a lot of her true colors if you pay attention. Then it’s on you as the man to step back, reevaluate and not let your emotions influence sound judgment. You should also listen to the objective opinions of your closest, trusted friends and family members, because they will notice things about her that vaginal access may have blinded you to, especially if you are under 50. Ask me how I know… LOL!

  • @boothe true thats another thing. People rush into marriage and sex so there whole relationship is based off of lust and infatuation instead of a committed love. Then when the infatuation wears off they want a divorce

  • @boothe My former wife (I was married to her for 30 years) also told me her father had abused her. I saw no evidence of this, her sisters never claimed abuse, and if she had stated this before our wedding, I wouldn’t have married her. When she divorced me, she started telling everyone the same stories about me. Women making unfounded ‘abuse’ allegations are dangerous and to be avoided IMHO.

  • @johndodds In my case both her siblings backed up her story and related their own experiences to me. So I am confident that her allegations were correct. In fact, they all went to his funeral just to make sure he was actually dead! I was surprised that one of them didn’t stick a pin in him to see if he twitched. Having been with my wife 30 years too, I have learned that she is a very honest person. Brutally honest at times, costing her more than one friendship. But I’d rather have that than the kind of deception you describe. There are good women out there, you just have to vet them very carefully.

  • @johndodds

    JD…there is a fourth option…but it requires $$$

  • @johndodds the biggest problem with converting to Islam is that it’s an Arab-centric religion, for the most part. Especially the Sunnis, which make up the majority.

  • @ladarellluthor Which direction do you pray when on the opposite side of the world from Mecca?

    Or on the ISS for that matter.

    Or on Mars.

    I do not think they will go for space travel.

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