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  • @johndodds Well you certainly sound like a Black Pilled MGTOW and having been through a fairly nasty divorce, I can understand your position. However, that didn’t stop me from praying for someone I could be happy with, finding her and finally marrying her, 28 years ago. Yes, she’s an American and she’s been through it too, leaving her ex with the bulk of his assets intact. I checked her and her family out thoroughly before making a lifelong commitment I assure you. That’s not to say that there haven’t been rocky times in our 30 years together, with both of us at fault one time or another. But we’ve worked through it and we have reaped a deep, abiding love and respect for each other you will not experience until you have been faithfully together this long. I realize that in today’s sexual marketplace finding a suitable mate is difficult but it’s not impossible. I have a good friend who is in his early 50s and actively seeking female companionship with little success (his standards may be a bit unrealistic at our age). But I am confident that if he is persistent, he’ll find the right one right here. Don’t lose your faith. You only need one and she may not be what you think you want.

  • @boothe I think what will help is if guys have high standards for themselves and their spouses and then hold to those standards. For example, if a woman has a bad relationship with her father then she needs to be nexted.

  • @iattacku Not necessarily. My wife had an awful relationship with her father. He abused her and her siblings terribly. What that did was convince her that our children would never have to go through that. It’s really a case by case scenario. Probably the most import thing is to stay in the relationship a minimum of two years before you decide to get married. I’ve seen too many people jump in head first within the first three to six months. You’re still running on bio-chemistry at that point (infatuation) and you can’t make a clear objective judgment about who she really is or whether or not it will last. Even a year usually isn’t long enough for “the little things” to become apparent to you. Most women can easily maintain a façade for six months or a year. But by the two year mark she will have shown you a lot of her true colors if you pay attention. Then it’s on you as the man to step back, reevaluate and not let your emotions influence sound judgment. You should also listen to the objective opinions of your closest, trusted friends and family members, because they will notice things about her that vaginal access may have blinded you to, especially if you are under 50. Ask me how I know… LOL!

  • @boothe true thats another thing. People rush into marriage and sex so there whole relationship is based off of lust and infatuation instead of a committed love. Then when the infatuation wears off they want a divorce

  • @boothe My former wife (I was married to her for 30 years) also told me her father had abused her. I saw no evidence of this, her sisters never claimed abuse, and if she had stated this before our wedding, I wouldn’t have married her. When she divorced me, she started telling everyone the same stories about me. Women making unfounded ‘abuse’ allegations are dangerous and to be avoided IMHO.

  • @johndodds In my case both her siblings backed up her story and related their own experiences to me. So I am confident that her allegations were correct. In fact, they all went to his funeral just to make sure he was actually dead! I was surprised that one of them didn’t stick a pin in him to see if he twitched. Having been with my wife 30 years too, I have learned that she is a very honest person. Brutally honest at times, costing her more than one friendship. But I’d rather have that than the kind of deception you describe. There are good women out there, you just have to vet them very carefully.

  • @johndodds

    JD…there is a fourth option…but it requires $$$

  • @johndodds the biggest problem with converting to Islam is that it’s an Arab-centric religion, for the most part. Especially the Sunnis, which make up the majority.

  • @ladarellluthor Which direction do you pray when on the opposite side of the world from Mecca?

    Or on the ISS for that matter.

    Or on Mars.

    I do not think they will go for space travel.

  • @ransom Of course they will go for Space. Unyielding conquest is a part of their mandate. If there is a single inch of land, or a single soul that hasn’t received the blessing of Allah, they are obligated to give them such blessings.

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