Supernatural Experiences

  • Anyone else had them? The beyond-the-grave shit always seems to find me and I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem as well.

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    I’ve seen some answered prayers, miraculous healings, and I’ve had several premonitions of people’s deaths, but nothing from beyond the grave.

  • @cynic Premonitions of people’s deaths definitely counts. Good to see there’s two of us, at least.

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    @ainigmaris-thales Come now. This is a post about supernatural experiences. Keep the politics in the politics section.

  • @jammyjaybird I have found I have absolutely zero sensitivity to these things.

  • I once lived in an old apartment, dating from the 1920s, that was totally infested with spirits. I used to hear them banging around the kitchen every night, making scraping sounds. I watched them knock over olive oil bottles. When shirtless, I once felt them sweep across my back in the middle of the day; it felt like cold silk. On a couple of occasions they woke me up by slamming imaginary doors in my ears. One time, I opened the closet by the front door and saw a vibrating ball of orange energy–you could tell it was malicious-- that plunged straight down into the floor at my feet and disappeared. That occurred at five in the afternoon, it was ninety degrees out, and I had just gotten home from lifting weights at the gym.

    On other occasions, too. I was once staying at an old hotel in Europe when my suitcase suddenly slammed shut, with no prompting. An hour later, my toothbrush was flung across the bathroom, all by itself. I raced the hell out of that place the next morning, I can tell you.

    I’ve never used drugs. I drink a little but not a lot. Basically, I’m a normal dude. This is honest-to-God truth.

    On the whole, I can say it’s really better to stay the hell away from the supernatural. I don’t recommend any of it.

  • @jammyjaybird Jammy, I don’t doubt any of this. My dad had many similar experiences. One noteworthy thing that happened was one year to the day after my paternal grandfather died, every single light bulb in my parents’ house blew out.

    The poltergeist activity that you recount occurred around our house too. We had a haunted clock. It was an antique key-wound wall clock that enjoyed a place of prominence for display. My mother decided to move it to another room while redecorating. It jumped off the wall. I don’t mean fell, it was laying out in the middle of the floor. Subsequent attempts to rehang it resulted in similar results. When my mother put it back where it had been, that never happened again.

    Although I tend to be fairly telepathic with people I am close to, I don’t see these things. My wife does. I believe her. On more than one occasion she has predicted bad events in my family. The premonitions usually come through dreams. In one instance she saw me pulling my two youngest sons around behind my tractor in a trailer. She heard screaming and when she came outside my middle boy was covered in blood with a mangled arm. The next day he wrecked his truck on his way to school, flipping it 7 times (according to the sheriff) and died twice on the way to the hospital. On another occasion she had a “foreboding feeling” when our youngest wanted to go roller skating, but ignored it. We got a call a couple hours later from the skating rink that he had fallen down and hurt his arm. When we got there, it turned out he had broken both bones in his arm right above the wrist!

    I told her from now on, we listen to your “foreboding feelings.” When I was going to Whistler Mountain for a field service job, I said something about going skiing while I was there. She told me right then that she had a bad feeling about it. That I was going to get hurt. It was killing me watching all the tourists coming off the slopes, but I’ve seen enough that I took her advice and didn’t ski. I’ll never know for sure, but I do know I didn’t get injured. If she ever says she has a bad feeling about me riding my motorcycle, you can bet I’ll take the truck.

    The spiritual world is very real. But I prayed hard when I was young NOT to see these things. I have been numerous places that were famously haunted and have yet to experience that aspect of the paranormal. I know it’s there, I just choose not to see it. I do periodically bless and anoint our house when she starts to feel a presence and that works.

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    Interesting, I haven’t experienced anything like that, but I’ve always lived in “happy” homes. The first was owned by an older couple who were always travelling, the second an ancient farmhouse built by a single guy who ended up with a huge family (11 kids). The parents died of old age and all the kids moved out but still have fond memories of it. The only “haunted” places I’ve been were a library with a legendary ghost and two long-abandoned mental hospitals in Alabama. One of the hospitals definitely had something in it, but if there was something in the library it wasn’t malevolent.

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    As far as premonitions go, it’s always been an internal voice telling me that this was going to be the last time I’d be with someone on this earth.

    The first was obvious, it was my grandfather who was dying of cancer. He died three days later. The second was another grandfather who had just gotten over a serious illness. He relapsed and died a week later. The last was Evelyn, from In Memoriam. I didn’t really believe it at the time, but I did hold her closer and only gave her up when the voice told me to give her to her grandfather who was nearby. She died a week and a half later.

  • @boothe Yup. There’s millions of people with these experiences. Here’s another story: I visited a psychic one time – my FIRST and ONLY time – in a small town in rural Florida. I sit down, she looks at the air around my head, and goes, “Oh my … they are, just, everywhere all around you.” Just matter of fact like that. Jeeee-bus.

    Then, for the next twenty minutes, she proceeds to tell me in precise detail about two dead people in my life, one man and one woman, people whom I had known. She gives me physical descriptions, emotional characteristics, how they lived, the regions of the world they were born in. She even knew that one had had a pacemaker. I was totally blown away. I had never laid eyes on this psychic woman before, I didn’t even live in Florida, and I wasn’t related to either of the dead people. In fact, the one with the pacemaker I had only met four or five times total before he passed on. Apparently he’s watching out for me from the other side.

    Anyways, to all readers – this shit is real, and don’t let anybody tell you it isn’t.

  • @jammyjaybird I have one memorable paranormal experience from my childhood that is interesting. I was old enough to go to the store up the road from our house in rural Virginia (about 13 y.o.). The store was situated on a highway and there was a lot of traffic (for the country anyway). My friend, who was a bit older than me, met me there and had his bicycle. I asked to ride it and wasn’t paying a bit of attention when I coasted right out in front of a car. I wasn’t peddling. I felt a hand in my back push me out of the way and the car passed right behind me probably running at least 60 MPH. He saw what happened and was amazed! It still makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Apparently it wasn’t my time to go.

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    @boothe The most paranormal experiences I’ve had were some dreams that wound up coming true a few days or weeks later. Nothing big, just hanging out somewhere talking to some people that I wound up going, “whoa, I dreamt about this exact thing last week.”

  • @jak Yes I have had that happen before as well. Sometimes months in advance. Nothing really precognitive like a death or bad accident, just a “Hmmm. I dreamt this, that’s odd.” type of experience. My dad was often warned in dreams about things that would occur. He related to me how he dreamt about a van cutting him off in traffic one time and him wrecking his truck. A few days later he was on the exact stretch of road, saw the van he had dreamed about and backed way off. He said that when the van got to the spot where he had wrecked, the driver whipped over into the left lane without signaling just like in his dream. The big difference was he had heeded the warning and was not in that place at that time. He said it definitely gave him a shiver.

  • @jak you ever hear of Vooja-Dey?

  • @bem Do you mean having the feeling that none of this has ever happened before? Well hell yes! Happens to me all the time…

  • @boothe thats the one.

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    I get very strong feelings of Deja Vu, but it’s always something very common, specific, and benign. I usually just accept it and do what I knew would happen in the exact manner.

  • I once had our piano playing, (random keys) it might have been the cat,but it kept going all night, I just froze, I couldn’t move, I was too scared to check if it was the cat or something else, I couldn’t sleep with the door open after that. I had a friend that told me a lot about having demons in his dreams, and his house was supposedly haunted, with stuff randomly thrown off tables. Never slept over at his house. Can’t say if it’s real or just an illusion, but op have you ever tried praying when in those situations? Just curious.

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    @paul I’ve been listening to Terrance Popp on Youtube who has also had a few encounters with haunted areas. He seems to think most of the time the spirits are harmless and are either going about doing their own thing or being mischievous, not malevolent. His approach was to loudly and authoritatively proclaim to knock it off, more or less. Be respectful, but firm. He said after he did that, the supernatural activity usually quieted down.

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