Supernatural Experiences

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    @boothe Does burning sage have any effect? I thought priests did that as well.

  • @boothe Oh I’ve got stories like that, too. Getting chills just thinking about them.

    We had a woman come to our church several years ago who was a big-time drug addict. During the preaching she comes to the front and begins to “pray”. My dad, the pastor, laid hands on her and she made her hands into claws and leaped at him. Several women intercepted her and were trying to pray with her but she was fighting them so they asked for our assistance. My brother and I, along with another man in the church, laid hands on her.

    She fell to the ground and started slithering like a snake under the pews. We puled her out and tried praying with her, but she didn’t want deliverance so after about 20 minutes of this we dumped her out of the front doors. As soon as she hit the ground she blinked and looked around like she didn’t know where she was. To this day she doesn’t remember this.

    Point being, if someone is possessed (which is real), they have to want deliverance or you’re just wasting your time.

  • @jak I have never tried anything other than anointing with oil. I suppose it is a “ritual”, but I believe it gives your faith a physical aspect which reinforces the spiritual combat you are engaged in. That’s probably the same thing with burning sage.

  • @boothe I highly recommend Ayahuasca. Very spiritual.

  • @jak I tried sage too, but that didn’t work either. Maybe I should’ve looked for that extra-strength military sage.

  • @jammyjaybird Salt.

    Across all your doorways, in a line.
    In a little cup next to where you work and another next to where you sleep.

    On this subject, I will speak no more.

  • @ainigmaris-thales All about the vision quest, eh? Thanks anyway. I have already seen too much stuff in physical reality I can’t un-see. I don’t need to see anything from the “other side”, at least not until I get there. But I appreciate the tip…

  • @consolationofphilosophy I’ve found that having the Spirit of God living in me banishes all the fears and apprehensions. When I was a lad I was terrified of the night and unclean spirits, and I’ve had times since where the fear returned. I’ve found that immersing myself in Godly, spiritual things banishes all fear. Spirits can’t touch you if you’re protected by the Ultimate Spirit

  • @jumpnjive Exactly! It’s not the rituals themselves or oil or sage or anything else. It’s your Faith. The rituals are merely a physical reinforcement, a way to manifest that Faith.

  • @boothe Personally, I think they are just scared of Buffy’s keen fashion sense.

  • @boothe It sounds corny, but I’ve read The Dresden Files series. It’s about a wizard who is a detective. He talks about Faith giving objects Power, and he talks about using tools to help him focus his power. It’s a parallel to real life. These things are faith in action, which brings power.

  • @jak praying helps me a lot, I never experienced something like OP, but never the less praying always kept me safe.

  • @jumpnjive how did you find out about the murders? Any more stories?

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    @jumpnjive This is very true. I’ve prayed for supernatural protection before venturing into places where I knew there was an air of malevolence. The Holy Spirit indwelling you provides natural protection, but sometimes you are much more aware of it than normal and a strong presence of malevolence will cause an amount of fear.

  • @paul I don’t really remember (I was like 5 at the time). I just remember hearing about the murders once we moved out.

    Any more stories? Well…

    My brother was very rebellious in his younger days. We are a conservative religious family and he wanted worldly pleasures, so there was a lot of tension and correction from the time he was around 15 until he left home at 18. I was obedient and wasn’t really interested in all the crap he was, so I never got involved in all his drama, for the most part.

    One night he was in bed and he saw a short man, probably around 4’5" come into his room and stare at him. My brother stared back at the man and finally asked him who he was. The man looked right back into his eyes, smiled, and said, “I’m the Devil.”

    My brother jumped out of bed and ran into my parents’ room and told my dad, who proceeded to go into little bro’s room and pray until my brother could go to sleep.

    After my brother left home he was rooming with several other guys who had left our church to “live it up”. They would hear noises, feel drafts, and see things moving seemingly on their own. One night they turned all the lights except for a lamp off and challenged whatever was in their house. They heard breathing from one of the bedrooms and my brother yelled, “Hey, stupid”.

    He said they heard this loud half groan/half rasping noise and then the light blew. They all bailed and moved out of that house ASAP.

    I’ve got more but I’ll stop

  • @jumpnjive That probably wasn’t the devil. That was more likely just a dead guy who likes to play pranks on living people. (Which is just as creepy, of course.)

    You should watch this show called The Dead Files. You can learn a lot about this stuff from the physical medium, her name is Amy Adams. It’s pretty addicting.

  • @consolationofphilosophy Thanks, but I don’t live in that place anymore. Current home is clean of that stuff. Will keep salt in mind for the future.

  • I am an extremely rationalistic man by nature (and a devout Christian) and dismissed all this stuff as confirmation bias by the weak-minded until I experienced it myself.

    Mostly I’ve been prompted to go places or do things. Never had cause to regret it, and a few occasions had a definite “oh, that’s why” experience. I used to think this “intuition” stuff was due to information being pushed by the subconscious, but this is not that sort of thing at all. I’ve had too many experiences where I was intended to see things I could never have known about.

    Once I saw physics violated in the most fantastic manner, seen by multiple witnesses who remember it to this day. Found out years later that we were next to a haunted building. Never believed in it before it happened. Single-blind haunting, if you will.

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    @ransom Do tell about the haunted mansion.

    As far as intuition, that’s what it’s been like for me for the past 5 years. I started going to a church that emphasised following the Holy Spirit and that voice of direction started. The few times I’ve disobeyed it I later regretted it and have never regretted following it.

  • @ransom Agreed. Once you’ve seen three bottles of olive oil fall over by themselves all at once, or your suitcase lid slam itself shut … you realize that this stuff is real. Doesn’t matter what the Catholic Church may or may not say.

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