Supernatural Experiences

  • @consolationofphilosophy Thanks, but I don’t live in that place anymore. Current home is clean of that stuff. Will keep salt in mind for the future.

  • I am an extremely rationalistic man by nature (and a devout Christian) and dismissed all this stuff as confirmation bias by the weak-minded until I experienced it myself.

    Mostly I’ve been prompted to go places or do things. Never had cause to regret it, and a few occasions had a definite “oh, that’s why” experience. I used to think this “intuition” stuff was due to information being pushed by the subconscious, but this is not that sort of thing at all. I’ve had too many experiences where I was intended to see things I could never have known about.

    Once I saw physics violated in the most fantastic manner, seen by multiple witnesses who remember it to this day. Found out years later that we were next to a haunted building. Never believed in it before it happened. Single-blind haunting, if you will.

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    @ransom Do tell about the haunted mansion.

    As far as intuition, that’s what it’s been like for me for the past 5 years. I started going to a church that emphasised following the Holy Spirit and that voice of direction started. The few times I’ve disobeyed it I later regretted it and have never regretted following it.

  • @ransom Agreed. Once you’ve seen three bottles of olive oil fall over by themselves all at once, or your suitcase lid slam itself shut … you realize that this stuff is real. Doesn’t matter what the Catholic Church may or may not say.

  • @jammyjaybird “Doesn’t matter what the Catholic Church may or may not say” Now there is something we definitely agree on! ;)

  • I’ve been having nights where I wake up, and feel a “presence”, let’s say I’ve been praying more than before.

  • About 7 years back, my wife and I were asleep in bed and we were awoken by a terrific flash of white light above the bed. We were both awoken at the same time by the same thing. No thunder, , no lightning, no light bulb failure, nothing to explain the flash.

  • @johndodds said in Supernatural Experiences:

    About 7 years back, my wife and I were asleep in bed and we were awoken by a terrific flash of white light above the bed. We were both awoken at the same time by the same thing. No thunder, , no lightning, no light bulb failure, nothing to explain the flash.

    Creepy. Was it associated with anything before or after?

  • @ransom Nope, a complete one off. But the misses and I both experienced exactly the same thing. Something must have caused it.

  • So two weeks ago I was feeling really down on Thursday night. Really, really, really down, for very little reason. Yeah, it was a unusually stressful day in my work, but not extremely so. The feeling was strange, because I’m a happy person normally – I always joke that I could be happy in a POW camp. For the most part, nothing ever bothers me.

    But something weird was gripping me, I could feel it. So I called my mother, who is a counselor, at ten o’clock pm and said I needed to talk. I cannot emphasize enough that I never do this. Ask anybody who knows me. I’m self-contained.

    We talked for about thirty minutes. When we hung up, I didn’t feel any better afterwards. So I took a bottle of Bulleit rye and started drinking straight from the bottle – something I never do (well, almost never lol). It had no effect. I didn’t get tired, I didn’t even get drunk. I was just angry at the world, at nothing. Depressed, hopeless, angry. It was a bad headspace.

    Here’s where the supernatural part comes in.

    What I didn’t know, or find out until the next day…

    … was that during those precise hours, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, my favorite television program host, Anthony Bourdain, a man whose program I’d watched religiously for 15 years – hundreds of hours of television – a man whose books I’d devoured, a man who was basically one of my heroes

    … was hanging himself by the belt of his robe in his hotel room in France. Dead by his own hand. Suicide.

    Depressed. Hopeless. Angry.

    Two weeks later, I look back now and say that I really do believe the universe was letting me know something was happening with him. Something on the other side was connecting me with him. I think I was feeling a piece of his depression.

    Normally I wouldn’t make those kind of wild connections except 1) I never, ever get depressed, ever, and 2) it occurred during the same few hours that he was killing himself.

    So that’s my story. I can’t explain it any better than that.

  • Had an extremely loud, hovering object floating above my house many years back. Wasn’t any helicopter I’d ever seen, at least not anything in production. Lights on it were weird, too. But I did live near Lockheed Martin at the time (and they keep the Aliens there -not in Area 51-).

  • Demons.
    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  • @johndodds

    Rice Whiskey still explosion, maybe?

  • @jammyjaybird Jammy I know we’re at odds on that other thread, but not here. You had connected with Bourdain spiritually even though you didn’t know each other IRL. Some folks might call it “quantum physics” or coincidence, who knows. But I firmly believe that we are all connected and when one of us, that we’re close to (even if we’ve never met IRL), does something destructive, something negative, we feel it. Something as significant as that other person leaving the planet then we really feel it! What you experienced was real. More real than that which is physical. I want you to understand that you and I are also connected spiritually. How that turns out is up to us. That’s all I have been given at this time.

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