"Enthusiastic Consent"

  • I know this forum is primarily for married men, but for the few of us who are single and dating, Rollo and Dalrock have been doing some pretty important work on the evolution of the Feminine Imperative from “Yes Means Yes” to “Enthusiastic Consent” and the “Future is Female” movement. It is deep, almost philosophical stuff, but I think these guys are really on the cutting edge of what the future of the socio-sexual-political insanity of modern hypergamy and “rape culture” holds for us.

    Rollo: Dangerous Times, Part 1
    Rollo: Dangerous Times, Part 2
    Rollo: Dangerous Times, Part 3

    Dalrock: Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Dalrock: How to Guarantee Satisfaction

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    It’s coming. I don’t know the best ways to exploit or adapt to it, but there will be law changes like affermative consent.

    Perhaps I should build one of those consent apps that will collect consent, gauge “enthusiasm”, list types of actions that are “approved” by both parties, as well as mark whether consent was withdrawn or maintained at the end.

    Also remember that two-edged swords cut both ways. Having men send harpies to jail because they weren’t “enthusiastic” should be in any man’s toolkit once this is in place.

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    @cynic That would be my approach if I wanted to undermine this bullshit.

    Hypothetical sting scenario:
    I have a few drinks, and go home with a woman. Also you gotta make sure she doesn’t drink ANYTHING. She’s on top and a few times throughout the encounter I say “no” or “stop” even though I make sure we keep going. Ba-da-bing ba-da-boom.

    If this shit works for women, it sure as hell oughta work for men.

    Not that I have to worry about this shit. Heh. Good luck you single men. Stay safe out there.

  • @ainigmaris-thales I think… a moment is approaching where masculinity in the West will find itself on deathground. When this happens, the Red Pill will try to go mainstream in response to the crushing pressure, and it will become a fight. I don’t know that all men will just allow this level of insanity to carry forward in suicidal silence.

    More so than for myself, I fear the world my sons are going to face their teenage years in. We need to be ready to stand up for men, and not tolerate any bigotry from women and unworthy enabler manginas.

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