• Why do you keep on leaving

  • @iattacku How dare you question this man, this bastion of human decency? Why, if you are truly a black man, do you hang around all of these racists?

    Seriously, I think he’s a troll who is trying to get us to say inflammatory things. Almost makes you wonder if he’s compiling comments for an article or something

  • Somewhat funny. To take his words at face value, that is, he wants serious on-topic discussion, these forums would have been the place. At least they’re somewhat moderated and kept on-topic.

  • @iattacku said in KERSEY:

    Why do you keep on leaving

    I feel that Kersey is always with us.

    I hoped he would stick around longer. I had questions for him, questions about Britain. Questions that needed answering.

    Well, there’s always the next incarnation. Don’t know if I’ll be fast enough though.

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    I was hoping to read his “How to date women in Haiti without dying a painful death” article. Looks like I’ll have to find his other site before I can read it.

  • @ransom I asked him a question and he actually gave me a reasonable-sounding answer. I wish we had a “normal” Brit to ask about things

  • @jumpnjive Yeah. I am interested in learning about British foods and authors.

    Goodness knows what a “normal” Brit would look like. According to BBC they are all idiosyncratic, but if I can’t trust the TV’s rendition of me I suppose I can’t trust its rendition of them.

    I really hope they wear derbys though.

  • @ransom A derby is where it’s at! As far as idiosyncratic goes, well…aren’t we all?

  • @boothe I’m not idiosyncratic, but as far as I know I’m the only person I know who isn’t.

  • @ransom Bernard Cornwell and Joe Abercrombie are two good British authors. Cornwell writes historical fiction, Abercrombie hack n’ slash fantasy. Both excellent

  • @jumpnjive Good to know, thank you. I will give them a look.

  • Dear Iattacku,
    I have been away for weeks. I was not planning to return and I am not going to be back.
    I am very busy. I have been married for 17 years and a have three children. I live a busy but fulfilled life. I have a happy family that most AKC commenters can only dream of. I suppose that is the reason the hated me so much: pure envy.
    What most of these guys fail to realize: racism has no place in the Red Pill philosophy. Racism is as blue bill and omega as it can get.
    You may remember that it was back in the days of ROK the lolknee/bem/GHosofJ trio harassed after I accidentally revealed my wife was African. lolknne went as far as calling me a n*****. bem made jokes about all Africans and Haitians having AIDS. (Because according to these racist guys everyone has that disease in those parts of the world). The rest of the commenters eagerly joined them.When I objected to their racism they accused me of “not having a sense of humor”. You may remember that on ROK they were similarly hostile towards “PJ Clarke” (A British man married to a Thai lady) and “jz95” (A mixed race student from the US).
    This is not a forum I would waste my time any longer. I would add that this is true to pretty much all of the Manosphere nowadays.
    With a colleague and a friend we started our own website (under construction at the moment) specifically aimed to red pilled men whop are in mixed marriages and are raising mixed-race children. You should be able to find our site in a few weeks time on the web if you really look for it.
    You claim to be a 20-something African-American civil engineering student from Cleveland who currently resides in Nashville, TN. If that is the case, I congratulate you for choosing education. Study hard and your life will be easier after graduation. Remember, you have to start your own red-pilled journey. Try to get married and start a family while you are still in your twenties - it will enhance your life in way you cannot imagine now. There are still some good women in each and every ethnic group. Go for the woman you are comfortable with, even if her ethnic background if different from yours. (Don’t let yourself get distracted by the “alt right” idiots or the "we waz kangz " crowd)
    Believe me, this place (and most of the Manosphere) is not worth your time. I have no intention to get this place shut down. However considering the nature of some of the comments made here, Disqus should no provide a platform for it. I let Disqus to deal with that.
    I wish you all the best, young man.

  • @mr-kersey BURN THE COAL, PAY THE TOLL

  • @mr-kersey said in KERSEY:

    bem made jokes about all Africans and Haitians having AIDS

    That is a complete falsehood.

    I only said that about Haiti.

  • @bem I think you said it about Ukraine, too. Which is near Africa. Sort of.

  • @ainigmaris-thales
    Not me. I dont know who started that.

  • @mr-kersey said in KERSEY:

    You may remember that on ROK they were similarly hostile towards “PJ Clarke”

    Only because of his enthusiastically pro stance on encryptowomen.

  • @mr-kersey “I have been away for weeks.” Yes and it was nice.

    “I was not planning to return and I am not going to be back.” Promises, promises… We’ve heard that before.

    1. No one hated you “so much” nor did they “envy” you. Don’t flatter yourself.
    2. It had nothing to do with the ethnicity or race of your wife. It had to do with you being a thin skinned troll spoiling for a fight. Once they figured out they could get to you it was game on. You brought this on yourself.
    3. No, not everyone joined in “their racism” because you imagined that and imputed it to them. Just about everyone jumped in on the aids jokes because it was getting to you. The more irate you got the more we trolled you. Men bust each others balls. Real men can take it. Manginas can’t.
    4. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I sincerely hope you won’t waste any more of your time here. It was much more peaceful without you. We try to help build each other up as men. Race baiting (which you were doing) and trying to collect evidence to shut down people’s speech who you don’t agree with has no place here.
    5. You’ve been talking up this website of yours for months. It’s not that hard to set up a Wordpress website. Go do it. And don’t worry I won’t look for it, comment on it nor even care about it.
      Good-bye (finally, I hope) and good riddance.

  • @murdoc34 I just found PJ kind of boring, TBH

  • @murdoc34 didn’t he say he like ladyboys

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