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  • I listen to a lot of podcasts and I bet many of you do as well. Here are some of my favorites. What are yours? Please reply with links and a description.


    Hardcore History Podcast Military history. Long episodes that explore events leading up to conflicts and their consequences. Older episodes behind paywall. Uses “CE/BCE” but otherwise not tooth-grittingly leftist.

    Dangerous History Podcast History lessons by an atheist anarchist history professor. Likes to talk about depressing things but almost always has important information that changes perspectives on seemingly well-known events. Early episodes are behind a pay wall but worth exploring. The untold history of World War 1 is disturbing (Cliff Notes version: screw the British ruling class).

    Jocko Podcast Retired Navy SEAL discusses military/conflict/violence from mid to recent history with an emphasis on extracting leadership lessons. Could also be filed under survival and business.

    Business and Money

    Smart Passive Income Podcast One of the big business podcasts. Many solid interviews with all sorts of business and side hustle owners, as well as useful stand-alones.

    Niche Pursuits Business site focused on side hustle income development. Mostly a blog but also has a lot of podcasts interviewing side hustlers.

    Side Hustle Show Business site focuses on side hustle income development.

    Wealthsteading Podcast An investing podcast by a cautious, minarchist, investment advisor focused on trading. Looks behind the headlines at what is going in the market and his rationale for his own trades.

    Security and Survival

    The Survival Podcast Wide range of topics relating to survivalism in small to large circumstances and not zombie apocalypse scenarios. Money, gardening, finances, conflict. Over two thousand podcasts with many interviews.

    Forward Observer Podcast A retired military intelligence officer discusses information and intelligence oriented towards patriot groups. More on the collapse end of things but not altogether tin-foil-hattish. Sparsely updated.

    Complete Privacy and Security Podcast (the main website streams but does not download files) A digital and life security and privacy podcast oriented towards individuals hosted by people who make a living from these things.

    What podcasts do you like?

  • i never really was a podcast guy. thanks for the recommendations i will check them out

  • @ransom I may have to check out a few of the ones you listed. My favorites tend to run towards my hobbies, so here you go:


    • Airplane Geeks Podcast - Great mix of news, interviews, and history
    • The UAV Digest - Two of the guys from Airplane Geeks also talk for a half hour about drone news, plus some interviews
    • Plane Crazy Down Under - Aviation news and interviews from an Australian point of view. Very rarely has new episodes, but has a great back catalog.


    • Writing Excuses “Fifteen minutes long, because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart.” A great weekly podcast for aspiring writers.


    • ID10T with Chris Hardwick Formerly the Nerdist podcast, now renamed. Chris and a lot of his guests tend to skew hard-left when they get to discussing politics, but there’s also some very insightful interviews that show up. Worth subscribing to, I think, for the differing viewpoints, and random amazing interviews.
    • Anime News Network’s ANNCast Because I’m a nerd who likes anime. Again, these guys skew hard-left politically, but I find their anime recommendations to generally be pretty spot-on.
    • Ready Set Gamecast Honestly, one video game news show is pretty much the same as the next, they all regurgitate the same basic news. I happen to like this one because I’ve met the people involved, but IGN or PC Gamer have good podcasts too.


    • The Capital Steps They only put out two episodes a year, and they’re generally to the left of SNL, but they were genuinely funny in the Clinton and Obama years. I may have to give them up again until 2025 though.

  • @ransom

    The History of England
    The narrator is great. Very dry, self-deprecating humor.

    The History of Rome
    My first foray into podcasts. Excellent.

    We’re Alive
    Apocalyptic series. Seems like zombies, but with a twist. Very well produced and a lot of material.

    The Black Tapes/Tanis/Rabbits
    Documentary type drama. Very good.

  • @tireddadoffive Niice recomendations. I will have to check them out.

    Writing Excuses used to be on my to-listen list but but they got all diverse and annoying. The back episodes have some really good stuff. I’ll have to see if any recent things click with me.

    Aviation, eh? That drone stuff sounds like a winner.

    @JumpnJive This looks like good stuff. Thanks. History of England / Rome? Yes.

    There is so much more to this than just Victoria / Nero.

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    • No Agenda. They do long, but excellent media deconstruction and are hilarious to listen to. It’ll take a while to get many of the numerous inside jokes and references, but it’s worth listening to a few episodes before deciding if you like them or not.
    • Freedomain Radio with Stefan Molyneux. Stefan is a well-known figure in the dissident right and is one of the philosophers behind it.
    • Styxhexenhammer666. One of the best YouTube and BitChute vidcasters about daily political issues.

    General Manosphere:

    • The Bechtloff Livestream. Focuses on geekery, comics, video games, movies, and Internet drama. AKC has advertised on his show in the past and I am an occational guest.
    • The Clarey Podcast. Focuses on economics, life advice, travelling, and cultural decline. AKC is currently advertising on his show.
    • Davis Aurini. Another philosopher and atheist turned Catholic talking about philosophy, Christianity, and life advice. An occational guest writer for AKC and will occationally advertise for us.


    • Make No Law. A new podcast by a free-speech lawyer about censorship and issues around the first amendment.
    • More Perfect. A podcast about the Supreme Court and major cases and case law that the court has decided.
    • What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law. This one focus on constitutional law issues that Trump has brought up and uses him to learn about it.


    • Hak5. Hacking, device modding, and other ways to have fun with computers and computer-like devices.
    • Troy Hunt’s Weekly Update. The weekly updates from a security instructor and researcher.
    • The PHP Roundtable. PHP topics and discussion about the PHP interpreter and libraries.
    • .NET Rocks! Guest interviews about things in or about the Microsoft .NET ecosystem. Also talks a lot about Azure.


    • Duolingo Spanish Podcast. Another way to practice Spanish while learning using the Duolingo app.

  • @ransom
    Here are my faves:

    Stefan Molyneaux:
    Covers a wide range of topics ranging from family to actual political happenings. The Youtube channel only picks the most interesting stuff from the online podcast but you’ll find a weekly 3h call in podcast and it’s good company on commutes. Some of the topics will make you cringe other will make you laugh your ass off. Available on soundcloud.

    Black Pigeon Speaks:
    Another brilliant Youtuber covering politics and the wonderful happening in Europe, Canada, USA, its demented leaders, the encroaching Internationalist Marxist disease and so on. Videos have good graphics and are very well researched.

    Nick J. Fuentes:
    Now this kid is hilarious if you know the lingo and remember the late stage ROK discussions on politics with some let’s say unorthodox topics. Can’t figure out if the dude’s an alt-righter or not but he shit on them most of the time.

    Joe Rogan:
    No introduction needed for this one.

    Tommy Robinson:
    Top notch geezer who went through hell to expose pedophile rape gangs and get the conversation started. His book “Enamy of the State” is a must read.


    Wendover Productions:
    Good vids on transportation and city plannig

    Vids on origins of different ethnic groups.

    Aaron Clarey:
    His name was mentioned by other here so I’ll leave it at that.

  • @b1k3-ch41n Those are good links, thank you for them. I have checked some out and will continue to do so.

    @cynic I have seen a few of those. Thanks for a quality list.

    @TiredDadOfFive I have been listening consistently to the UAV Digest. Thank you for the recommendation.

    My updates:
    The History of Rome podcast mentioned by @JumpnJive is excellent. I look forward to delving into more of the same. I was surprised to discover there are actually quite a few history podcasts out there.


    The Tom Woods Show Political commentary from a libertarian perspective. While I no longer identify as a libertarian I am still philosophically aligned in many ways.

    Business and Money

    Contra Krugman Tom Woods’ other show where he examines Paul Krugman’s weekly economics / politics column. Interesting to me, don’t know if it would be that valuable to people not interested in economics.

    Ask Pat Another business podcast by SPI’s Pat Flynn in which he does consultation calls for people with questions about their businesses. Shorter than SPI and the music annoys me, but it often provides useful information.

    Blockchain Tech

    Bad Crypto Podcast Two crypto enthusiasts discuss the blockchain and crypto space from a nontechnical perspective. An entertaining jump-off point.

    The Bitcoin Podcast Network A collection of podcasts discussing many aspects of the blockchain space, including bitcoin. A little more technical and serious than Bad Crypto, less entertaining.

    Third Web Another blockchain podcast. Also serious, many interviews. I liked it much less than the above two but you may have a different experience.

    Artificial Intelligence

    NVIDIA AI Podcast Many interviews with people who use “AI” (mostly machine learning) to do all sorts of things. Not technical.

    This Week in Machine Learning & AI Very similar to above.

    Virtual Reality

    Voices of VR Interviews with people in the VR industry.

    Social Engineering

    Social Engineer Podcast Several professional and amateur social engineers discuss topics related to security and defeating security. They say they are good guys but sometimes I wonder.

    The Grift A handful of podcasts discussing and interviewing con artists and how they did it.

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    Renegade Radio with Jay Ferruggua

    Fitness, nutrition, and a bad ass look at life.

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    @jnyx Jay is good. Haven’t listened to him in quite a while.

  • @jnyx Thanks for the tip, I will check it out.

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