Appropriate Age to Marry

  • @jumpnjive Oh… well… that’s just gay.

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    @jumpnjive Partially agree. I plan on remaining faithful so long as I’m married, but if the worst were to happen and I get divorced, I don’t know if I’ll ever get married again. Not because I believe in some “Oh woe is me, I’ll never love again” nonsense, but because my marriage has served the purpose of me having kids. If I don’t want anymore kids, why would I get married again? That being said, if I were to get divorced, I don’t plan on being celibate.

  • @ainigmaris-thales yeah - I wonder though does anyone really ever get it "out of thier system?"
    I cant imagine it.

  • I would say the the younger the better. I have a cousin who married at 20 this past May. Her husband is the same age and they got together at 16 as I recall.They are both employed full-time and went to trade school in their respective fields. Smaller pool of options means less chance of failure IMO.

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    My brother met his current wife at age 13-14 (they’re the same age). It took them all highschool and college before they got married, but it seems to have worked for them. That said, they’re playing the same game as everyone else, getting masters degrees and building careers before having kids. If you want a large family, you need to start while you’re young and fertile.

  • @cynic I was 13, my wife 14. She didn’t go to college and we married as soon as I got my Associates. 11 years and 3 kids later we’re still good.

  • @bem No, we don’t. I supposedly “got it out of my system” with about twenty-five women before I met my spouse at age thirty. Seven years later, after the divorce, my urge to tomcat has come back even stronger. At one point, I was juggling six different plates.

  • I knew a priest who refused to marry anybody under 23. He got tired of watching their marriages collapse.

    It’s a nice idea, getting married so young, and a few couples have made it work, particularly those who met in the 70s and 80s. Since then, however, we’ve seen 1) ramping up of go-grrrl propaganda that leads to higher divorce rates and 2) the smartphone. Both of them have destabilized the “marriage for love” concept. Because of these factors, I wouldn’t recommend that anybody get married so young. “Marriage for economic survival” is a different story, and has a better shot at succeeding.

  • @jammyjaybird Odd though, I notice other married dudes with notch counts even lower than mine dont have nearly my level of ‘distraction’. I thought this shit would fade a little with age, but now that I’m wise enough to actually recognize opportunities its just getting worse!

  • @bem I wouldn’t call it worse. I’d call it stronger. I was faithful for years thru my former marriage and all I got for it was divorce papers left for me on the front porch like a brown paper bag filled with steaming dog shit. So I’ve learned my lesson, and now I take women wherever I can find them, regardless of my current “status”. E.g. about two weeks ago, I boffed a little Penelope Cruz lookalike four times, then deleted her number immediately after. The girl knew it was a short-term thing and was cool with it. My current girlfriend is pretty great but I’m simply not going to limit myself ever again, period, not after what I went thru. It may sound weird but it’s my own personal code for happiness.

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