Water baptism

  • @boothe yea i have always been one to question things especially if they dont make sense to me. I cant picture God going “well even though you believe in me and decided to follow my ways but because you died before you were dipped in water you can’t enter my kingdom.” For me when i look at scripture i tend to follow these steps. 1. What is the culture at the time( the historical perspective)? 2. What are the scriptures around it? 3. How does this relate to God’s message as a whole? If something doesn’t line up then i will research it, ask other brothers about it, and pray on it until i get my answer.

  • @iattacku Agreed. Paul said that if someone was living according to the Law without knowing the Law it was counted unto them for righteousness. James said faith without works is dead. “Show me your faith without works, I’ll show you my faith BY my works.” We are saved by grace but there should be a difference in someone B.C. and A.D. People that say they are saved but live hedonistic lifestyles are NOT saved, because the Spirit will not dwell in an unclean temple.

    Do we make mistakes? Sure! But there is a difference between someone falling short and someone making a conscious decision to sin.

  • @jumpnjive Falling short and repenting of it is one thing. But having this “once saved, always saved” attitude and thinking you can continue to carry on as a worldly person is pure fallacy. Yeshua said “Go forth and sin no more.” He didn’t say “Hey, you’re good. You can go back to your sinful ways now.” I’ve always been curious as to just what it was that He wrote in the sand that day. I’ll bet it was list of the sins of her accusers by name.

  • @boothe I heard an older preacher say he believes that is what Jesus wrote as well.

    Christ told the woman, “Neither do I condemn you. Go and SIN NO MORE.” (emphasis mine)

    My church catches flack because we dress modestly and don’t participate in a lot of activities. Our women wear dresses/skirts, no makeup or jewelry. The men wear longer sleeves and pants in public. We don’t go to bars or clubs. We don’t feed on Hollywood. This is not to say we are better than anyone else or to say that what we do saves us, this is what we feel we can do to demonstrate our changed inner man.

    When Christ said, “Man looks on the outward, but God looks on the heart.” He didn’t give free license to do or say whatever we wanted. He was pointing out the hypocrisy of the Pharisees in that they looked good outwardly but had nasty spirits.

  • @ainigmaris-thales said in Water baptism:

    I think people trying to figure out God is like an ant trying to figure out an iPhone.

    I am inclined to agree to a certain extent, although we are told we are created in the (spiritual) image of God. We are told that the natural man cannot know the mind of God (1 Corinthians 2). I believe this takes us back to the discussion we had about wisdom on the comments section. The “natural man” is governed by his flesh. He is not in tune with the Source of his life force. So all he can understand is that which is of the physical world. But by opening ourselves up to the Holy Spirit, quite literally to the endless body of energy and knowledge from which we, the creation, are derived, we will be given greater insight into that which we cannot see. What I have been given is this: God is omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing) and eternal (without beginning or end). So therefore God can be but one thing, the entire Universe. And we, the creation, are merely a tiny experiential part of that, put here in physical reality as a form of school if you will. If you are willing to learn and advance by seeking that which is good and right, you move onward and upward. If you don’t your spiritual energy gets recycled.

  • @jumpnjive that is something we can all agree on. Jesus call people to follow him not just believe him. He outrightnsays if you love him you will obey his commands . I think the orthodox churches viewpoint on this matter is interesting. It is more of that everyone is in a process of salvation or something like that. And that’s good that your church takes purity seriously . At my congregation if you want to go on a date with a sister you have to go on a double date

  • @JumpnJive @Iattacku I am going to have to be careful about hanging around with you two. You may be a good influence on me. I don’t want you guys to ruin my reputation…

  • @iattacku I agree that we are in a process of salvation. You should constantly be striving to be more like Christ. Paul said right before his execution that he had fought the good fight and ran the race. We are not guaranteed Heaven, even after receiving the Holy Ghost. We must strive to attain the prize, the high calling.

    As for dating, we “court” not date. A young couple must go with an older married couple or to one of their family’s houses. Before we married, my wife and I went on three “dates”. Once with my parents, once with my aunt and uncle, and the other time with another young couple and a married couple. Most of our time was spent either in a large group or at my parent’s or her’s. We were both virgins on our wedding night

  • @boothe lol. I enjoy the conversation. I like messing around on AKC but appreciate serious discussion more, most of the time

  • @boothe that is an interesting perspective on the nature of God.

  • @jumpnjive might I ask what denomination are you

  • @iattacku I have no denomination. I merely follow Yeshua’s teachings from the heart.

  • @iattacku We’re Apostolic. We are not a part of any denomination. 20 years ago we left the United Pentecostal Church due to several different reasons. We believe in what is laid out in the Word and do not follow man-made dogma.

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