Star Wars

  • @boothe last time we went to the theater, we went to this show about a planewreck and this white woman and black man had to hike out. They fornicated on the way and then we walked out of the theater.

  • @jim-johnson that chick from Titanic?

  • I saw it before Christmas. Just to be sure I hated it (and because I had already agreed to see it with a friend) I saw it again.

    As you all know by now, pretty darn bad. I don’t see myself watching any new Star Wars films.

    But here’s the thing that confuses me: why was it such a bad experience? I understand that they had this whole social agenda that must be pushed, but what prevented them from making it at least entertaining?

    Not to say it wasn’t funny. It had more lols than any of the previous films and some of them were indeed clever. But that’s basically it.

    For a contrast, look at The Incredibles. Lots of feminist subversion, but as a film and a story I found it enjoyable. With all of Disney’s money and experience, I find it difficult to believe that it never occurred to them to hire an “is this a story” consultant for The Last Jedi.

    Something else must be going on.

    On the one hand, I think we have a culture without a past, as it were. We like shiny things but have lost any concept of the fire from which shiny things are forged. Eric Liddell was fast for the same reason he wouldn’t run on Sunday. The idea that there might be anything below the surface, something that must be earned, rules beyond our own perception, seems absent. Perhaps this is a postmodern thing.

    On the other hand, maybe this intentional. Rebellion itself. If you pursue evil because it is desirable, well, at least a form of good is involved, however twisted. The excision of desirability is a witness of devotion to evil itself. “I want things I like that happen to be evil” vs. “I want evil itself and will prove it by doing undesirable things.”

    On the third hand, money + committees = wut.

    On the forth hand, I’ve run out of hands.

    Why is it so important to make it stupid?

  • @ransom It’s the general dumbing down of the populace. No one wants to think anymore. It’s just going from dopamine high to dopamine high with no introspection.

  • I expect that’s a factor, but I don’t think that’s the whole story. The Dark Knight came out only a few years ago and I found it fairly thoughtful. I think people still like it. Hard to A/B test these things though.

  • @ransom
    It makes you wonder sometimes if the director is either seeing how far down the stupid scale he can push it, or (I highly doubt this) it’s a subversive move to undermine the SJW movement.

  • @jumpnjive Either of those appeal to my need to believe that there is meaning behind it. It would be kind of a let-down to discover otherwise.

  • administrators

    I’ve heard it speculated that it’s like the new Ghostbusters. They decided to just piss on the old movie in an attempt to create controversy and publicity and it worked. It also meant that nobody will ever watch a new Ghostbusters movie ever again. The same might be with Star Wars, although the fans are used to eating whatever shit sandwiches they’ve been selling so it might not have as much of an impact as everyone’s predicting.

  • @cynic Makes sense. Why think long-term when you’ll be judged on quarterly revenue and annual self-congratulation awards?

  • Okay okay okay – easiest way to fix this movie:

    Make the porgs scream all the time.

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