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  • @ainigmaris-thales Almost like Lucas had a hard time deciding which one to focus on. 2 & 3 suffered from this as well. It’s allegedly Anakin’s story but Obi-Wan takes a lot of time. Don’t get me wrong, Obi-Wan is probably my favorite character but Lucas didn’t lend the emotional weight to the relationship b/w the two to give the final act the impetus it needed. I don’t know if he was relying on the outside books to fill in the gaps, but I think the gaps were filled by others as more effect rather than design.

    I do think Dark Horse comics did a good job of giving “life” to the prequel period. I also enjoyed the Republic Commando series.

  • @ainigmaris-thales Surprising lucid analysis. For a homo.

  • @jumpnjive I am in that camp that thinks Jar Jar was intended to be the antagonist, but he was so hated that they had to ditch the idea and come up with Count Dooku in ep 2. Had they made a simple but obvious tell at the end of ep 1, the series would have been much better.

  • If you watch the “making of” documentary, it becomes really clear what the issue was… they never actually wrote a real story. They started filming without a script, and then just began cobbling together concepts as they went along. Lucas had a vague idea that he wanted to do this “echo” or reverberation of the Luke journey with Anakin, and that he wanted to tell the story of Palpatine’s rise to Emperor with a lot of political intrigue, but he didn’t have three distinct movies plotted out, and he didn’t really have enough material for three movies.

    He also had a lot of special effects he wanted to use and little scenes he wanted to shoot, but he didn’t feel like he had weave that stuff into an established plot, he just felt like he could weave the plot around these different shots or effects he wanted to do.

    That’s why there are so many bits and pieces of different things kind of thrown together. It was never three distinct movies with three distinct but interrelated plots. It was always one story that he broke up into three movies and peppered with all this other crap to move it along.


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    If anyone wishes to watch the movie without sending Disney a dime, you can do that here: wars the last jedi/0/99/200

  • @ainigmaris-thales Indeed. The “writing” was obviously an afterthought. But Lucas was always liked that - he imagines scenes in his head, then music, then tries to string them together.

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    @jnyx They did that to my beloved Mass Effect and Bioshock franchises.

  • @bem so…he thinks like a girl

  • @jim-johnson Ah. The old “the-guy-who-is-comic-relief-is -actually-the-bad-guy” routine. I see how that could have worked. Have him drop the whole goofy shtick and pull out a red lightsaber…

  • @bem In the original trilogy, he fit the scenes into the plot… it was a stolen plot, totally unoriginal – like I said, the ancient tale of the young squire on the quest to slay the dragon. The whole conflict with his father thing, that’s all mythic stuff that has been around since the beginning of time. And that is why the original story resonated so much with people. It was a fundamental, classic story dressed up in this space opera setting. The reason Return of the Jedi was the worst of the three was that he basically ran out of the classic tale to steal from.

    So in the original trilogy, he had a story, and then dressed it up with these special effects and scenes. With the prequels, he didn’t have a story framework to stick his scenes and effects onto, he just started with the scenes and the effects and a vague notion of where he wanted to end up, so he started filming and made up the “plot” as he went along.

  • @ainigmaris-thales GL should have let someone else do the writing…

  • @jim-johnson Jar Jar was an experiment. Lucas believed that he could create an entirely CGI character that could be seamlessly integrated into the film such that it was not distinguishable from the other characters. Most of the time, CGI characters are at least partially acted by real people – like Sirkis being Golum in LotR or the actors who play the apes in the new Planet of the Apes. Lucas didn’t go that route with Jar Jar, he wanted him entirely CGI. But, the technology wasn’t there yet to make it as good as he thought he could, and he also didn’t give the other actors in the movie someone to interact with – the “character” of Jar Jar wasn’t really fully created until very late in the production – which is why so many of the scenes with otherwise great actors interacting with Jar Jar are so bad – they had no idea who are what they were supposed to be talking to or what it would be doing or saying.

  • @ainigmaris-thales the quasi-Caribbean accent was so so fukkin stupid…

  • @bem George Lucas is racist as fuck. The only non-white character in A New Hope is a hairy ape who can’t speak English and is basically Han’s slave.

  • @jumpnjive He knew that the fans would flock to see whatever he did, and he would get paid off the merchandise as well as the movies. He didn’t have to make good movies, he just had to pump some crap out so he could start cashing checks.

  • @ainigmaris-thales Well, they’re rectifying that now…

  • @jumpnjive Yes they are

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    The Bechtloff actually had a plan on how they could have made a decent movie with Ep7. Don’t have Rey at all, but instead have Finn (Black Stormtrooper/Mace Dindu) and the rebel pilot team up to take down the First Order. Make the First Order more ISIS like (small and nimble). Instead of having some stupid planet that sucks up suns, have a cloaked spaceship that be invisible while getting into orbit around a planet, have it shoot metal rods that will destroy cities like an asteroid hit them, and then jump into hyperspace before anyone can figure out what happened. Also have Kylo (Darth Autism) end up self-destructing instead of being taken out by a Mary Sue.

    He lays it out in this video:

  • @cynic I think a full scale intra-galactic invasion ala “Yuzhaan Vong” would have been an interesting concept. Wide scale warfare against a mysterious, merciless society that worships death and pain. All kinds of cool new creatures as enemies. Basically an improved version of the “New Jedi Order” series.

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