• @ainigmaris-thales Trolly Trollery here, with a public service announcement on behalf of the JLN (Jamster Lampoon Network). After careful consideration and based on the Jamster’s past posts, we here at JLN must applaud the Jamster for truth in advertising. Look closely at his avatar:


    Now let’s think back on his posts about his experience with one woman in particular. A woman who, by his own admission, made an ass out of him. Now he posts under an avatar of…a woman’s ass! Talk about wearing a badge of distinction proudly! Which also explains a lot about his political position (hint: sideways with a crack in it, lol). Thanks from all the staff here at JLN for your candor in telling us who you really are!

  • @jammyjaybird Wrong. Socialism is society’s (government’s) seizing of the means of production. Insurance is none of those.

    Dude, seriously, you don’t even understand the basic definition of what you pimp for? I’m thinking that Iattacku is right, that you’re trolling for effect or fun.

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